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*loves you all*
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Was never here.
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I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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Forums : Alliance Open Role-Play Forum > A Letter to The Order of the Sword and Rose
ShriakNor (Applicant) 5/26/2010 8:41 AM EST : A Letter to The Order of the Sword and Rose

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*The parchment has a few stains, from what looks like pie, but the words are still readable.  The letters are small, as well as the parchment, suggesting it has been written by a halfling.*

Dear Friendly Peoples,

I am writing to you because, well for one thing the town crier told me you were friendly people.  If he is mistaken, then please substitute the appropriate word for friendly where applicable.  On second thought, if you're not friendly, just burn this letter and don't keep reading, because since I've arrived here I've met more than my fair share of unfriendly people already, including a kobold that declared a holy war upon me over our differing opinion of pie, but that's another story entirely.

I am a monk, a member of The Order of Pie, though I fear I am the last surviving one.  Our order was quite small.  We inhabited a small island, though most folks that traded with us referred to it as a sand bar as most people didn't find it important enough to even put on a map, it was big enough for us to be considered an island as we don't take up much room.  We were meditating upon water, it's effects on pie, and how to better incorporate it into our training.  After many months, it was finally decided to charter a boat in hopes that we could learn more upon the ocean.  We packed up all of our belongings, which wasn't much as our needs are few, and we set sail.

Our journey began calmly and orderly.  We baked many pies for the crew, with enough left over for our lessons and training.  However, something terrible happened.  A large ice breathing dragon attacked our ship, without provocation, and without warning.  Unfortunately, the crew was rather inexperienced in dealing with such creatures.  Their panic made the situation much worse.  I'm unsure of who struck the decisive blow against our ship, the dragon or the mistakenly aimed cannon pointed at our own hull, but the results were devastating.

*at this point in the letter, a few tear stains smudge some of the words*

The sound of splintering wood was the last thing I heard as I plunged into the cold water.  Then I found myself underwater, drowning.  However, I remembered my training and held my breath.  I closed my eyes and began meditating underwater to slow my heart and save what little air I had in my lungs.  I remember . . . this odd crackling noise, and a tingly feeling all around me.  Then, just as suddenly, a loud rush of water, and I was laying on a beach.  I got up and peered into a rain barrel and was quite surprised at what I saw.  My hair had turned a strange blue color, kinda like blueberry pie!  I also had this odd mark on my face that wouldn't wash away.  However...  No one else from my order was there to ask about it.  Sadly, they did not make it.  I must continue my training, and one day find another to pass our secrets to.

I roamed around the beach, searching for supplies until I ran into a few people.  I learned it was called Korthos Island, and they needed help badly.  As is the custom of my order to help all who are in need, so long as the cause is just, I did what I could.  As you can imagine, one adventure lead to another, and I learned much along the way, and eventually saved enough coin to book passage to Stormreach Harbor.

However, I still do not have a place to call home, which is why I am writing to you.  I only know of your Order by it's good reputation, and I am interested in joining.  I don't require a lot of room.  Just a little corner to sleep in, and perhaps someone to talk with every now and then.  I don't have a lot of belongings to clutter up the place either.  My needs are few, and I can offer much in return.  I am willing to clean and cook to earn my keep.  Especially pie, I can cook some yummy pies!  I am also willing to help with any task or quest as long as the cause is just.  Please consider my request, and get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Shriak Nor

*The signature has a drawing of a pie beside it, along with a blueberry pie filling stain.*

hannible/mallice (Member) 5/26/2010 9:14 PM EST : RE: A Letter to The Order of the Sword and Rose
Guild Leader of Order of the Sword and Rose

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Greetings Shriak master of Pie,
We have many here that could use the likes of a good pie chef as there never seems to be enough to go around.
It pleases me that you have heard such wonderful things about our order. Please contact one of our officers, and should you meet the
requirements, you would be welcome. I do agree there are many unsavory sorts out there, so it is good you have found us as we can offer
Protection, and comradery.
Strength and honor,


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