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Forums : Dawnsword Chapter House Archives > Life on the Run - Jaelia Bright
540042476_Inactive (Officer) 11/19/2008 12:52 PM EST : Life on the Run - Jaelia Bright

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((Warning.. this is a work in process and only two people, Eildre's mother and Eildre herself knows this story. It will contain some strong situations and instances of abuse, please be patient.. it will take a while to flesh out and tell))

((Now)) A quiet, but beautiful golden haired elf, she tends to dress down to avoid attracting attention. Her large ocean blue eyes are cautious and never at rest as she watches all those around her. If spoken to or touched she flinches, putting as much distance as she can wthout running away. Someone or something has hurt this shy beauty, and maybe even broken her.

Her lithe body is clothed in form fitting intricate chain, her golden hair tightly braided. Archers gloves cover her hands, and etched leather archers bracers cover both wrists, a homespun shirt of khaki brown peeking out from beneath, padding her chain shirt. Her hands show the standard callouses of someone who uses a bow often, as well as those that reflect regular sword use.

Orphaned at an early age, her half elven mother was a Windwright for House Lyrandar and her elven father, a spy for the Shadow Network from House Thuranni. Theirs was a short fiery affair that lasted only a few months, when both went their separate ways, long before Erilli Bright realized she was pregnant. Since she was partial owner of her own airship, this was no great burden, and her daughter grew up for six years running all over the House Lyrandar ship.

Marked with House L mark of storms. The mark starts at her left wrist and winds up her entire arm to crest at the shoulder. Its coloration is silver and black, with bursts of blue and gold.

Orphaned at 6

Adopted by a human merchant

Made friends with Eildre and Ryoro

Loved the outdoors, always went on adventures with Eildre and Ryoro, learned ranger skills from a friend of Eildre’s mother, when the young girl expressed an interest in learning more about the wilds.

Heartbroken when Ryoro vanished and Eildre withdrew into depression

Forced into marriage by her father to try to save his failing business

Husband was an evil mage, who experimented on her and her mark

Absolute phobia of men

face and neck free of blemishes. Arms from wrist up (barring her mark area), shoulders, stomach, back, legs and calves covered in a webwork of fine scars and circular needle and burn marks. Wrists and ankles showing raised welt scars from shackles.

Eildre’s mom rescued the young girl and sent for Eildre to come pick her up, and take her to Stormreach where she should be far from the reach of her evil husband.

Rarely leaves the chapter house, but when she does, she loses herself in the wilderness.

“What do you mean, marry?” Jaeliia looked at her adopted father in shock, her blue eyes wide.

Characters: Jaeliia Bright

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