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Forums : Thinking About Joining? > **Must Read.. Thinking of Joining the Dawnswords??**
Eildre (SuperAdmin) 10/14/2009 6:53 PM EST : **Must Read.. Thinking of Joining the Dawnswords??**
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::Before you even apply::

1st and foremost: We ask that  you get to know the in game Role Play Community.

The Dawnswords as a guild, second.

(Our current guild population is very close knit, not all characters are involved with each other or even interact with each other, but all current members have known most of the other players for years. Either as RL friends, or have been playing with each other via MMORPG'S for years. To some, this atmosphere may seem a bit .. clannish, but we are always happy to meet and play with good folks who like to roleplay, enjoy game content (meaning not alot of zerging, if any) and meet others of a similar mind.)

 Get to know the characters, through roleplay situations presented in the Phoenix Tavern, often several will be there on Thursday nights.

Seek and fill out our application.

Post a character introduction on the Dawnsword Message Board, Public House Tavern Tales forum.

We welcome mature players of all races/classes/levels as casual role-players and dungeon delvers.

Profane language is unacceptable (no matter what the situation is)as we do have minor's playing with us, and believe it or not, they do know how to turn off the filters, plus its against Turbine's ToS and CoC.
For the same reason we ask the sexualy explicit material be restricted as well, if you need to get something across to another character that hinting will not accomplish, take it to tells, but make sure that you warn them first to avoid misunderstandings. If its a post relating to characters on the forums, you should place a disclaimer as a header, to warn readers, and try to keep things as tame as possible because there is not parental controls on the forums. Inneundo and hinting at things is all well and good, just please do not take it too far.
We also ask that folks do not metagame (using out-of-game information, or resources, to affect one's in-game decisions) or forceplay. Imaginative characters and powers are all well and good, this is a fantasy based game, with high magic content. Just remember you are playing this game with other people as well, so do not take their characters possessions, well being or physical actions out of their hands, even if you think your character could in a heartbeat. If you work something out ahead of time with that person, then by all means, RP your heart out with it. But you must also respect the rights of people to refuse your actions, perhaps they had something different planned for that character or just don't want to interact in that way. Some of our Allied Guild members work out complex scenes ahead of time, and suggest that if you do so to put a disclaimer either right before the action takes place in Emote, Say or /Stormwatch channel; or have one ready to follow up the actions. If someone sends you a tell asking if you are forceplaying the issue, do not take offense, just politely tell them you had worked out all the details with the person you are interacting with.
These rules also apply to the Alliance RP channels, and Party Chat for the same reasons.

As for Dungeon Conduct, we ask that when you are grouped with Guild and or Alliance members, to let them know how you want to approach the dungeon if you are planning on rushing through. Alot of times, what is called Zerging is not acceptable to other members at that time and if you run ahead, without their support you might have to get used to dieing. Our current guild population, likes crowd control and taking a careful path. Some content we do not know well, and by taking it slow and working together we figure things out and do things in a way maybe folks have not done before. Please be considerate and get a feel for your Guild and or Alliance party before such actions lead to misunderstandings and drama.

Since we are so close knit, and consider our Allied Guilds like our extended family, Dawnswords has a two strike policy. The first time an infraction is noted, you are kindly asked not to repeat the inappropriate behavior. The second time, we will ask you to please disband from the guild. We are all mature players, if not all adults, and if you have to be asked not to do something more than once, then it becomes a dramatic situation, and we do not wish to stress our members, or our officers with such. Its a game, we should be having fun.

Eildre Hal'Eruil - Guild Master of the Dawnswords (DDO)
(Other alts.. Ashtari, Lyrica Songstep, Mayzial, Sereyne, Syilva, and Adamantia)

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