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Dawnsword Officers

Guild Leader 

Eildre Hal'Eruil

Shared Second in Command 

Syilva Xer'Chari

Shared Second in Command
Sergeant at Arms

Ryndal Dar'Thir

Arcane and Construct Specialist

Sereyne Arinor

Entertainment Officer 

Delvanos Dirgelore

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 Brought together by necessity and the desire to protect Stormreach, this group of friends and adventurers banded together to provide each other with the support of a unified organization.

"Our Strength renews with the Dawn, is supported by our Blades and our Ties of Duty keep us ready through the night."

OUR CHARTER is to explore the world, to help out members in need and to present a positive role-playing presence in the world of Stormreach. We strive to remember that this is indeed a game, and where one character may not get along with an other, we hope all of our members get along as people and respect them as such.

 (And our sister guilds The Night Wardens and Booty Amoungst Dragons & roleplay subguild Disciples of Vol and Hounds of the Azure Charm)


((We are currently not accepting any new members at this time))

::Before you even apply::

We ask you read our sticky in Thinking of Joining topic in our forums.

We welcome mature players of all races/classes/levels as casual role-players and dungeon delvers.

20 years as a pnp guild, 12 of that online text based gaming. We are small, but friendly. Brought to life by friends and family in DDO))



Grats on the new Class

Eildre, Aug 19, 11 6:33 PM.
Grats on finally getting a new class, shame it wasnt Druid, but am very happy for alot of folks who have wanted to play Artificers.<smiles>

New Posts in Storytellers Corner

Eildre, Apr 9, 10 1:14 PM.
 More updates on the Underdark and Underwater Campaigns!! <<Hugs all>> Now you can see why we have been so busy.

Star Trek Online claims computer time!!

Eildre, Feb 16, 10 4:30 PM.
 If you are looking for Quezan (Eildre may be hiding in the shadows somewhere) try Star Trek Online,  members of the Free Ships of Aurorae.

Guild problems solved

Eildre, Dec 1, 09 11:34 PM.
After a week of agony, we are fixed.. Hugs to all who were in Limbo

Patience Please

Eildre, Nov 2, 09 1:04 PM.
We know of the issue with some players appearing to not be in the guild still having their game tags stating that they are. Not sure how to fix this. It has to do with the Guild Rank change and renaming fiasco, the bug has been reported but unsure as to when Turbine will get around to fixing it. I tried to fix some of our guild ranks that had been renamed to silly things by other folks, lucky you all didnt see some of the names that were there. But now all those ranks that were created and shuffled have been rendered void by the update, and now only officers and the leader ranks are showing, and even those lists are incorrect half the time. Those with ranks that I tried to reorganize after some other guild had renamed them, are in a kinda limbo. Just be patient, look for us online under the Who list, you can sort them by guild tags if needed in that screen, we can neither boot, reinvite, quit or expel those titles in limbo. So we have to wait for DDO to help us fix it. Sorry all, maybe one day it will be fixed correctly.

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