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Myiles Bloodson (Member) 10/23/2009 8:44 PM EST : Myiles prepares for his next contract
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Myiles Bloodson
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Myiles closed the door after his guest.  A look of disgust crossed his face.  How he hated dealing with the toadies that offered the contracts.  His clients demanded anonymity to the highest degree.  Myiles secured the lock on the door and turned back into the room.  He closed his eyes and tried to relax.  The gold that was offered was hardly an incentive anymore.  Myiles had enough gold to last him the rest of his days comfortably.  The main reason that Myiles continued was the thrill of the hunt.  At this point, the gold demand was just to slow the contract offers down to a manageable level. 


Myiles moved to the chest at the foot of his bed and knelt.  His left hand pressed on two recesses while his right opened the lid.  Inside were the tools of his trade, he removed a slender box with lustrous black sides and a simple latch on the front.  Myiles brought the box to his desk and sat down.  He opened the box and gazed at the contents for a few moments before pulling out the dagger that was resting on the felt. 


A rare smile appeared as he hefted the dagger.  The hilt had a Khyber dragonshard  embedded  with a circle of faintly glowing runes around it.  Myiles grasped the pommel and gave it a firm twist.  There was an audible click and the embedded shard fell onto the felt.  A faint distinctive glow was evident on the shard as he caressed the surface with two fingers.  “Hello princess.”  Myiles placed the shard in an empty depression next to four other faintly glowing shards.  Five shards that did not glow rested on the other side of the case.  He selected one and pressed it into the hilt of the dagger with the pad of his thumb until he heard a click.  The circle of runes began to softly glow, which informed him that the dagger was ready for his next victim. 


Myiles frowned.  This contract had a tight time window on it.  Those contracts were the most difficult.  Taking the time to watch and study his prey so that he could strike at a time of his choosing was his preferred method.  He pondered the problem and considered he may need more then the dagger to succeed. 


The box was returned to the chest and he began sorting through his gear.  He pulled a small device out and looked thoughtful.  There was no way to know if the part-forged Lillypetal would be a problem.  He pocketed the device anyway. “Best to be safe.”

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