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Guild Roster
Sereyne Arinor
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Known to most as The Dark Opal, her pale white eyes have shimmering colors that shift and swirl to the surface in random motion. When she speaks she has a slight stutter, more pronounced when she is flustered.. the only time she never stumbles over her words is when she casts. She grew up in House Cannith, working hard to learn the ways and workings of the Warforged. Using her intellect and her bright curiosity, she has become the Expert in Constructs for the Dawnswords. Always happy to help warforged in need. Though her dragonmark did not manifest until she reaches Stormreach, she has always been a hardworking House member. She even helped Eildre with connections in House Cannith as the elven rogue had spoken an interest to learn more about the workings of machines and warforged, leading her to chose the Path of the Mechanic.

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Character Stats
Alignment: Neutral Good Class: Wizard
Level: 13 Race: Human
Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: None

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