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Welcome to Origins!
Hello! and welcome to Origins LS, our LS is U.S. based time with mixture of PST CST and EST members! We are very friendly and like to help each other, when doing Endgame we do our best to keep things orginized for eveyone so it becomes a pleasent experience! This game is about having fun and i feel that Origins really captured the meaning of what endgame is soppose to be like!
Origins started off mainly because we were tired of jumping around from LS to LS, many of you know what that feel's like to join an LS and not be happy in it! Anyway's i wanna thank you for joining and welcome to Endgame.

For our Sea/Limbus special elite static team please refer to this link below:


539613137_Inactive, Jul 13, 08 9:53 PM.
Congratulations to everyone for receiving the new title "Kirin Captivator" this baddass NM wouldnt die without a fight! he proved to give us a few minor problems but just i foresought we overcame him and defeated him with little complications! Good Job everyon!!!
0630081520.jpg picture by Rich_99

Rostrum Pumps mine!!

539613137_Inactive, Jun 8, 08 8:03 PM.
Another Victory we can tack under our belts! thanks to some outside help and friend Vegachan many of us were able to defeat this NM and claim our prizes! congradulations for Kaytie, Safeara, Russell, Shmigle, Ryokomalfoy, and Insane! 
Saf080608201333a12.jpg picture by Rich_99

Divine Might?!

539613137_Inactive, Jun 8, 08 7:59 PM.
Divine Might!? or more like Divine Doom!! this Quest proved to be a difficult one! but we stuck it out and ended up victorious! congradulations to everyone on getting they're new earrings! 
saf080601193124a12.jpg picture by Rich_99


539613137_Inactive, May 29, 08 4:33 PM.
Another Flawless victory for us fellow Originians!^^ Suzaku proved to be just another win under our belt! we are now undefeated against all 4 Gods! no wipes! very good everyone! i am proud.
Saf080525182453a12.jpg picture by rich92181


539613137_Inactive, May 18, 08 6:56 PM.
We defeated Seiryu back to back, he proved to be a worthy opponet taking down our PLD's using his hundred fist move, but thanks to our trusty Ranger (Xheme) we were able to shadowbind him and defeat him to get some really nice drops. Congratulations to Ryokomalfoy, Richlomeli, Jafar, Morgoth, and Talin for getting some nice drops. 
Saf080518191435a12.jpg picture by Rich_99
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