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Exceptional Mediocrity
Apr 12, 08 6:01 PM
Merit XP Bonus Day
Apr 1, 08 4:02 PM
New members!
Apr 1, 08 3:58 PM
Alliance formed!!!
Mar 31, 08 10:57 AM
Guild House
Mar 28, 08 9:50 AM
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539613849_Inactive, Apr 12, 08 6:01 PM.
I vaguely remember someone saying they planned on keeping most of their chars at Thid level so in light of that, do you guys want to be able to claim Thid ck?  There's a poll on it so let me know what you think please.

Merit XP Bonus Day

539613849_Inactive, Apr 1, 08 4:02 PM.
This Friday  4 April starting at noon CST will be another 24 hour guild merit bonus xp day so stock up on the coffee and No-Doz. 

New members!

539613849_Inactive, Apr 1, 08 3:58 PM.
We have 3 new members now! Conatar, Akvad and Demonak. Welcome them all to the most average guild in DAOC!

Alliance formed!!!

539613849_Inactive, Mar 31, 08 10:57 AM.
We're now in an Alliance with Silver Moon Clan. I'll be adjusting the permissions on ranks in a day or so.

Guild House

539613849_Inactive, Mar 28, 08 9:50 AM.
We now have a guild house!   It's lot 1425 in Wandsworth/Sherborne/Lamorak. It has a Teleporter and a vault and vault keeper in the basement. If you want to use the vault to help you transfer stuff between chars (even ones you don't have in the guild) let me know and I'll set the permissions up so you can (currently it'll only work for chars actually in the guild). Deadkennedy's house is right next door. The guild house doesn't have a bindstone yet but you can still get there if you go housing->guildhouse at a porter.
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