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Application Process
Mar 25, 08 6:54 AM
The Council of War is now live!
Mar 24, 08 11:22 AM
Welcome to The Council of War!

Council of War is a raiding coalition Horde side on the US realm Sentinels. We are not a guild, rather, we are a group of players that have pulled together to progress though endgame content. Sometimes when players hit 70 they much choose between staying in a guild they've been in for ages or joining a raiding guild. Council of War gives them both, they can remain in their current guilds while still being able to raid. In a way, we act as a 'second' guild to our members.

We are seeking friendly, mature players who want to raid. We welcome casual and hardcore players alike as long as they all can act maturely and treat each other with respect. If you would like to join, please review out policies and fill out and application.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Faeryne in game, or make a post in the forums.

(Site is still under construction.)
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Application Process

Rynie, Mar 25, 08 6:54 AM.
I -was- going to an application up, but guild portal hates me, so instead just send me a message with the following info:

-raid experience
-gear (you can be vague, like "Mostly badge gear, some PvP epics/Geared for Kara/whatever" I will probably armory you anyways once armory is up, this is just to give me a rough idea of what you're ready for)
-when you're available to raid
-why you think you should be a member
-any questions or concerns you have

I am also looking for an experienced raider to help me with this project. I myself have only been to Kara, so I'd like someone who knows what they're doing to help plan and direct raids. If you'd like to help, please include in your app that you're applying to be a raid leader and why you'd be good for this position.

On a totally unrelated note, there will in an in-game channel for us to keep in touch once the servers are back up. It shall be know as...Cow.

[EDIT]: I got the application function working, I think...try it out and tell me how it goes. No need to apply twice though, either app counts.

The Council of War is now live!

Rynie, Mar 24, 08 11:22 AM.
Woo! Now let's get recuitin' folks.
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