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Circle Of Tyrants
Welcome Circle Of Tyrants!

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Guild Rules and Policies

538722621_Inactive, Mar 25, 08 3:43 AM.
Guild Rules and Policies

1.   Have A Good Time....."Nuff Said!!!"

2.  Please be active in the guild at least once a month.  Active guild participation includes, but is not limited to, logging into WoW, signing up for and attending guild sponsored events and accessing the web site on a regular basis.

If you maintain an Alt in the guild, then state who your Main is in your Alt's public message or ask an officer to do it for you.  Any character that has been inactive for 30 days or more will be removed from the guild.

3.   Be creative and positive.  This is your guild just as much as it's anyone else's.  If you have an idea or suggestion, let us know.  You can e-mail or whisper an officer at any time.  The officers meet each week and discuss new ideas to make the guild a better place.  Get involved!

4.   Be respectful.  No crude language, off-color jokes, swearing or spamming in guild chat.  A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, then don't say it in guild chat.  If your grandmother uses that type of language, then go join her guild.

This includes insulting or making fun of other players, guildies or non-guildies.  Guild chat should never be used for player or guild bashing.  If you have a legitimate issue with another player or guild, please whisper the player or GM directly or ask an officer for assistance.

5.   Discrimination or harassment of any kind will mean immediate dismissal from the guild.  Circle Of Tyrants follows the WoW policies on discrimination and harassment found at:

WoW Discrimination & Harassment Policy

6.   Guildies are encouraged to give or trade items and services to other guildies rather than sell them.  A Guild Bank and Fund will be available for guild members.  Please see the 'Guild Bank' page on this web site for more information.  Any guildie found to have sold Guild Bank items or epic mats i.e. lava cores, fiery cores, core leather, etc. will be immediately kicked from the guild.

7.   Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the guild.  This includes, but is not limited to: Ninja'ing, Mooching, Drop Hording, Drop Threats, XP Leaching, Griefing, Begging, Whining, Training, Stealing. 

8.   As representatives of Circle Of Tyrants the above rules apply when interacting with non-guildies as well.  Your actions and behaviors reflect on Circle Of Tyrants; be always mindful of the example you set.                                                                                                                                                                                         

9.   All Blizzard World of Warcraft rules and guidelines apply and will be enforced.

10.  Be a contributor to the guild....This will Earn you Rank in our guild.

Contributors To The Guild:

1)      Offer help to guild members when they have free time.

2)      Are self-sufficient and form groups to accomplish quests and run instances.

3)     Farm materials for trade skills, consumables and enchants for themselves, and offer extras to guild members.

4)     Are patient and try accomplishing a quest themselves before asking for help.

5)      Are always on-time and prepared for an instance or raid.

6)      Are dependable and finish runs that they start.

7)      Are polite and supportive in chat and vent.

8)      Visit the guild website often and participate in the forums.

9)    Acknowledge and explain their mistakes so that others won’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

10) Support the group/raid objectives and strategies.  Provide advice and observations after a failed attempt.

Any infraction of the guild rules will be handled by the Officers.

Officers have ABSOLUTE power, and their decisions are final.

      The above rules apply when interacting with non-guildies as well
Your actions and behaviors reflect on Circle Of Tyrants; be always mindful of the example you set.  Any complaints received by the officers of Circle Of Tyrants will be investigated thoroughly.  Regardless of whether you are 12 or 112, we expect you to be an asset not only to Circle Of Tyrants, but to other players in the game. Bringing disrespect on Circle Of Tyrants affects us all...whatever you do in the game is a reflection on our guild.

      Goruhgar - GM Circle Of Tyrants       


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538722621_Inactive, Mar 24, 08 1:54 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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