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       The Art Of War falls into the category of a family raiding type guild. Most of us are either real life family or friends. Some new, some old but we actually like and care about each other and the quality of our playing time. It is probably a recognized fact that if five people gather there will be personality conflicts, it is life, whether in a game or at a dinner. We try to minimize these effects by remaining adult about it, we remember we are here to play and have fun.  There is mutual respect of each other and the officers. 

        Now if you are thinking that this group is unconcerned with playing capabilities of members, or ourselves you are wrong. Our beliefs hold that you do not have to be a self-centered myopic to be good at this, nor is it required to have large groups’ barely social cretins to accomplish things. We are here to kill stuff and to get loot for our friends and ourselves. We think a small number of well-played characters who know and want each other to get the good gear will work. We leave the social drama; this is my life crowd to their own devices. Sometime in the current week, this as well ones before and those to come, almost every member will see or talk to another member or two. Whether we do this at work, home or at play, most of us are in contact; therefore, you will not find a lot of activity on our forums. It is welcome but not indicative of actual communications between guild members. We are however also well spread through out various sections of the U.S. In game, we have fun, but do not believe adult language is juvenile usage of fowl language to prove you are an adult. We are not the temperance league just primarily adults that understand it is a game and things happen. 

        If you are also of the mind that because we are small that we do not have goals or plans, you would be wrong. Most of our members are long time gamers with a wealth of knowledge of this and other games. A few maybe new to the genre but some were previously in high-end large raiding type guilds that abound with in the gaming community. Our members are not required to be there 24/7 nor put this game before life. We do not feel the need to race others; we prefer to enjoy the journey. 
        Membership: You cannot get there from here, as the saying goes, at this time there is no formal membership application, Officers decide who can join. Currently our members sponsor those they know, have met in real life or in game. We do not accept people we don't know. There is no mechanism to join other than a current member vouching for potential members’ personality and playing skills. There is an inherent trust we have with each other and their recommendations. Members take this responsibility personally, the final decision as with most guilds lies with the guild leader himself and the chosen officers. Our growth is and will continue to be slow and steady; we are looking for the right people and
players. We are choosy and the underlying basis of how we grow is to attain those goals we share.  
        Responsibility: We as members realize our actions reflect upon our guild mates and ourselves. Therefore, we expect members to accept the obligation to wear our guild tag with dignity and pride. Irresponsible behavior is not only frowned upon but grounds for removal. This has never happened and we do not expect it. However all members are and should comport themselves with respect of others playing, even when not with fellow members. Helping people is, in and of itself is a reward, but remember we are Alliance. Popping a few Horde when we can is always fun, the name of the game is World of Warcraft

        Well, that is who we are and what we are doing. We hope to meet you and others on our journey through Azeroth/Outland, whether for prolonged friendship or brief companionship in the various battles that confronts us.


The Art Of War


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Guild Rank Structure Changes

begjr2, Jun 16, 08 10:39 PM.

    There has been a massive over haul to the way promotions are being done within the guild. In the Past, The Art of War soley relied on your level to determine your next rank within our guild. Our past system was ineffective towards the progression of our guild as a whole. Due to the growth and abundance of higher level guild members, the officers and I have came up with a better solution for our promotion dilemma. The new promotion system will be based on Participation, Longevity and Helpfulness to other members within the guild. So therefore if your a member that tends to be a loner or don't involve yourself within the guild your chances of getting promoted are slim to none. Officers within our guild will be the sole evaluators of who shall and shall not be promoted, but members inputs are always appreciated. If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to bring them to the attention to an officer.
    Thank you 
                SGen. Blood


Drennagann, Apr 29, 08 9:18 AM.
Please look at the forums i have placed a suggested list of addons


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