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You have found the homepage for Lords of the Shadow, Blade's Edge server in World of Warcraft.
If you are a Shadow Member, please take the time to review the content of this site and submit an application for membership. We do not ask you to subscribe to anything on this website--the free membership account will allow you to access all of the content inside of our webpage, including the guild calendar, news, mail and your own personal blog page.
Guild events such as contests, scheduled raid and instance runs, contests and open guild positions will be posted within.
If you are not yet a member of Lords of the Shadow, I encourage you to look into our guild...our guild members will amaze you!  We have over two hundred of the friendliest and most helpful citizens of Azeroth within our ranks...supporting each other and making the Azeroth adventure even more fun and exciting!
Please contact janad for more information.

Other Guild News

Lords of the Shadow Has a New Address!

System, Jul 27, 08 8:50 AM.
Lords of the Shadow has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Level 79s and 80's: PLEASE READ

ShadowLordJanad, Apr 20, 08 9:16 PM.
I would like to have our level 80's as prepared as they can be before they go into high level raids.  I believe that every level 80 should be equipped with a "healing potion injector" and a "mana potion injector" if their character requires mana.  Testostoleze (Quasimorphic's Alt) is an engineer and can make these injectors for our members, however, he needs assistance with the mats.  The "healing potion injector" stacks 20 runic healing pots into one bag slot, instead of having the same amount of pots taking up 4 bag slots.  Likewise, the "mana potion injector" does the same by stacking 20 runic mana pots into one bag slot.  I believe these items will be very efficient and useful during raid runs, as well as during any lvl 80 heroic instance runs.  I am listing the required mats below. 

Each potion injector requires:
    20 runic mana pots or 20 runic healing pots (depending on type of injector)
    12 Saronite bars
    2 crystalized water
We have several high level alchemists in the guild who may be able to create the mana and/or healing pots if the materials are supplied to them.

Testostoleze is also able to make ammunition (both arrows and bullets) of a better quality than can be bought from a vendor.  If your character uses ammunition, please check with Testostoleze(Quasi) about the stats his ammunition has, and the materials required for him to make it for you.  Thank you very much.
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