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The Scarlet Dawn
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Scarlet Dawn


We’re different from the crusaders becausewe’re not zealots, we’re reasonable! A fresh order dedicated to vanquishing thescourge and forsaken and creating positive ties to the best and most honourableguilds of the alliance.


Taking up the task the bent and wickedcrusaders have perverted and lost.


1) High Lord – Leader rank – can’t orderthe executioners


Inquisitors (pally’s and priests) very influentialand powerful  (can order theexecutioners)


2) Patriarch – leader of inquisitors (only1 has this rank probably as powerful as the guild leader)

3) Cardinal – officer title withininquisitor order (2 have this rank)

4) Bishop – basic member of order (4 havethis rank)



5) Executioners (warriors/death knights)Special few men of the order allowed to kill living people, traitors and foolswho come between the darkness and the light. Must take orders from anyinquisitor without question. (there can be only 7 at any one time)



Scarlet Soldiers (all classes) the core ofthe guild answer only to their generals and the high lord.


6) General – leader of order (only 2 peopleshould obtain this rank)

7) Captain – officer of order (1 officer toevery 7 corporals)

8) Corporal – basic member of order (musthave acquired Scarlet tabard)


9) Acolyte – Newly initiated member not yetof required level/skill for basic rank


10) Initiate – Freshly recruited member(are they up for the cut?)

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