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Lone Wolves
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Welcome to the Den of the Lone Wolves

We are a mercenary guild operating on the upcoming True Galaxies sever, made possible by SWGEmu.  We represent all facets of the game equally: the sledge hammer of justice, the silent assassin, the noble crafter, the notorious bounty hunter, Rebel, Imperial, we can fulfil any task and meet any requirement - for a cost.

Mission Statement
We are dedicated to providing any service our employers desire, we will fill any role, whatever the customer requires can be made manifest by the Lone Wolves.

The Lone Wolves are actively recruiting new members, all professions and affiliations are welcome.  While the Lone Wolves are a mercenary guild, and as such combat will be common place, making all soldiers of fortune welcome; crafters of all types are gladly welcomed within the folds of the Lone Wolves as well, and will receive the same treatment and pay as combat professions.  If making friends and turning a profit at the same time is your desire, the Lone Wolves are here to provide.

Guild Structure
The guild will be divided into three broad section, each with its own commanding officer, and divided into sub-sections accordingly.  The first such sub-section is the PvP group.  All members actively participating in PvP are welcomed within this group, and it will be divided into two sub-sections: Iperial and Rebel with faction jumpers, aided by guild smugglers providing faction points, moving between groups as needed.  This sub-sections will have further divisions, such as full base-raid teams, jedi hunting groups etc. that will be on call to service the various needs of our customers.  The second group will be the PvE group.  It is this group that will be responsible for such tasks as Kryat/Gorax/Aklay hunts, DWB runs etc. for our customers.  This group is not limited by faction, and will be open to all members. Any sub-division in this group will be the discretion of the group leader.  The final section is the crafting group.  Similar to the PvE group, it is open to all crafters, regardless of faction or crafting discipline.  As before any sub-division will be the left to the discretion of the group-leader.

This site is still under construction, bear with us.


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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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