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Welcome to Nyzul Heroes!

This is a work-in-progress both for the forum and the LS.  The idea is we get a whole army of people doing Nyzul Isle assaults, that way we don't have to worry about the problem with statics where you have to risk picking up an absent member's replacement with shout, chancing that you will get one of those pickups who is, to be nice, unqualified for this type of event.  With enough players, we'll be able to host scheduled runs intended to gain floor access for multiple people so that we can get gear for as many people as possible. 

Nyzul Isle assaults are incredibly fun when done with 6 competent people.  Of course, competence has alot to do with knowledge, and very few people actually know anything about these assaults.  Therefore, by having several parties doing runs at once, not only do we get multiple people with floor access, we will also be able to compare notes on each run and therefore become much more informed.  Rule#1 of any battle: Know thine enemy.  We're going to keep points and such out of it for now, making all drops free lot for those who have jobs that can use them.  I feel this is only fair for those who put their time and effort in, therefore if you are caught lotting items you cannot use at the time, you will be banned, no questions asked.  This is really the only requirement I have, I won't kick anyone for poor performance, etc. because even I am still learning.  All I ask anyone who joins is that you put in your best effort but more importantly, have fun.  I will not tolerate arguing or malicious bashing in the LS, save it for after the runs, as it distracts people. 

Also, I ask that everyone I invite to the LS in turn attempt to recruit wherever possible.  It will be much easier to organize parties that can win if we have alot of members, and the more wins we get, the more gear we get.  I will pass out pearls and make everyone sackholders prior to runs.  At the moment I am only going to be scheduling one run per week, which leaves the week open for one more independant run per member (one tag per day, limit 3, 3 tags per run).  I only ask that everyone attempt to save 3 tags for run days.  I do this because alot of people still want to do normal assaults for rankup, AP, etc. and I don't want this to become a mandatory event.

Please take the time to read anything posted by Golmez, as he has taken the time to find relevant information that will help everyone when doing these runs.  Nyzul Isle can be a bit complicated at times, and it helps for everyone to know what the hell's going on so there are no pointless failures.

Again, I started this LS with the sole intention of excelling in Nyzul Isle and having fun, never forget that it's still a game, and if you're not having fun, go throw a frisbee or something and gtfo my server.  ^^

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