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Welcome to Cor Unum!

Cor Unum means "One Heart" and is based on the trust people have for one another.  This trust is what allows us to come together and unite with one another for the greater good of Norrath.

Cor Unum was founded by Aukirinum and Felheartasiana Felisdae of Bristlebane on the premise that everyone should benefit from their guild.  The members don’t work for the leaders, leadership works for the members. We have no level or class requirements, no restrictions on number of alts, and no mandatory raiding (except for your own epics).  We feel that your game time is your game time!    We want everyone to be comfortable, get to know each other and have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Guests please be sure to read our charter, the public forums, and check the calendar for the latest events.


We are currently recruiting new members of every level, and any race and/or class. Please check the forums for more information or /tell an officer in game.

Guild News    


Aukirinum, Aug 6, 08 11:42 PM.
Congratz are in order....  to Tinael.  He just got promoted to Magician Class Leader!!!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  Be sure to congratulate him when you see him!

Tin's Epic 1.5 Fight!!

Aukirinum, Aug 5, 08 9:11 PM.
Unfortunately didn't go so well the first time around...  So we're gathering forces to try again!   Meet August 9 at 1PM PST in the Guild Lobby if you want to help Tinael get his Epic!!!

Be sure to register for this event...  CLick on the event on the left side of the page and then click on the event on the calendar.  Click on 'Manage your sign ups" to sign up!

Cor Unum Website is up and running!

Aukirinum, Apr 10, 08 4:32 PM.
The website is finally up and running!   Please take the time to check it out and register your characters.   Check the forums for instructions on how to register.

And please, leave a comment in the forums to let us know how we can make this site better!
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Founders & Leaders:
   Aukirinum & Felheartasiana Felisdae

   Yinbik, Mushkeeki,
   Faayth, Xeibassis,
   Ellandre, Reddrosse,
   Fikor, Caaboom,
   Rezlots, Tinael,
   Feonnix, Fdaan,
   Draconicus, Cattelaron,
   Beeauty, Andabeast
Class Leaders:
   Bard - Open
   Beastlord - Felheartasiana
   Bezerker - Open
   Cleric - Open
   Druid - Open
   Enchanter - Open
   Magician - Tinael
   Monk - Aukirinum
   Necro - Feonnix
   Paladin - Beeauty
   Ranger - Open
   Rogue - Open
   Shadowknight - Andabeast
   Shaman - Open
   Warrior - Open
   Wizard - Open

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