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Sanctum Nostrum is active on Maelin Starpyre!

We are a guild for mature players who are dedicated to a positive experience.

SN is not actively recruiting; however, our doors are never closed to those seeking a sanctuary in Norrath. 

If you choose to pursue membership, please consider carefully.
Behavior deemed unbecoming of a Norrathian citizen will not be tolerated; the definition of such behavior is solely at the discretion of the leadership. 
There are no second chances; poor behavior reflects badly on each individual who bears the Santum Nostrum flag.

In order to gain membership, you must be referred by a current SN member.

As always, do great things and have great fun.

~Dorathe Explora


Guild Status Update

Dorathe Explora, Oct 9, 08 1:34 PM.

Hello Maelin!

Gilead and I are still on hiatus while we expand our family and enjoy becoming new parents (for the third time!).

In our absence we confidently leave the running of our sanctuary in the capable hands of Gaia, Nargula and Crowfoot.

Enjoy Norrath and all it offers.  We look forward to hearing of your adventures when we return.

As always, do great things and have great fun!

~ Dora

Welcome FV friends!

Dorathe Explora, Apr 5, 08 6:39 PM.
SN welcomes our FV friends.  Please feel free to make yourselves at home (even temporarily) while you acclimate to Maelin.  Please see Jaia, Gilead or myself for an invite.

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