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                                       Northwatch Hold - Training Grounds

A musular Draenei (Levantos Crystalforger) instructing a crowd, in the way of swordarts. As one of the fellow trainee drops his guard, the draenei punches his face and shouts "Do never drop your guard, Squire!" The Trainee picks up his blade and the training continues as nothing has happened.

A bit further away you see archers shooting at cans placed on a fence. You also see an elven ranger facepalming, as none of the arrows from the previous volley strikes a can.

A few robed students seem to listen intently to what appears to be a teacher. The teacher summon a water elemental and within a second you see firebolts, arcane missiles and frostbolts flying trough the air.

At one place there are men armored in leather armors listening to a shady figure. At a blink of an eye, there is nothing.

At the next place nine elves are seated. What appears to be druids listen intently to their ringleader, in his hand there's a seed. With a blow he turns it to a plant. A gnome dressed in a finely decorated robe (Moriz L. Popalott) walks up and looks at the plant, and gives away a "Hmpf." and raises his hand and the plant is set ablaze.

Halfway up the hill there is a crowd of draeneis listening to what appears to be a mentor. Next to the mentor there are a totem which obviously holds some magical power.

Atop of the hill there is a plated man (Oceles Windshield) looking out over the training grounds. Also he facepalms and shouts "Could someone tell that friggin' Death-Knight to leave the area!".

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