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Blacksun Brotherhood is a small guild of friends who enjoy playing and enjoying each other's company. Everyone in the guild is a friend of a friend, and quite possibly, a friend of a friend of a friend. We have a large chunk of us who are really interested in progressing. We anticipate clearing all the Lich King content in the 10-man variety.

If this is your first time to the site, dont forget to click the "Join Blacksun Brotherhood" button at the top of your web browser.

Once accepted, enjoy the forums, vote, check the calendar, and make a shout-out if you wish. The roster page has links directly to WoW Armory, so peep that.

Our members have cleared Naxxramas and hope to get it on farm status soon. Oh, and did we mention that Wrath of the Lich King is AWESOME!!

Other Guild News

Naxxramas - Night Crew

Thor_Bronson, May 5, 09 2:50 AM.
A lot of people can't make it to the Wednesday Ulduar run for various reasons, and a lot of our guild members don't get off work till later in the night.  Starting this week, I tossed up an optional Naxxramas 10 raid on the guild calendar.

Naxxramas - Night Crew - Thursday 10:45 PST

It doesn't have to be naxx every week, we can to VoA and Sartherian as well, depending on what people feel like.

Raid Schedule Change

Thor_Bronson, Apr 20, 09 6:16 PM.
Beginning on April 29th, our Thursday raid will be changing to Wednesday at 7:30 Server Time.  This change is to accommodate a greater number of players.

Thank you,


PS>  Great job in Ulduar :)

Malygos Down. Eye of Eternity Cleared!

Zachimusprime, Mar 16, 09 11:22 PM.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It is true.

After being the bane of the BSB for awhile now, kind of like Zul'Aman was in Burning Crusade, Malygos was taken to browntown on 3/15.

Indeed it was a mighty task, and it took several wipes, but Plasticknife came online and he was our golden ticket, our lucky duck if you will. His luckiful presence, in addition to our hard work and coordination, was what it took.

Congratulation to all those that attended. Thanks to those who were there for the wipefests. We plan on taking him down many, many more times.

Grats to PJ on his shield and Dalles on his staff!!!
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