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WOW Guide Site
Jul 1, 08 8:43 AM
We have a Guild Bank!
Apr 13, 08 4:31 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Mar 31, 08 6:20 PM
Welcome to Enigma's Website!

We are a new guild that is all about having fun and helping others. We don't discriminate - any level is welcome and any level of experience with the game also.
We have a kick-ass tabard, and are working on a guild bank. In the mean time we are using the character Enigmabank as our bank.


When you join please put your professions in the Guild note so we know who can do what.


To get promoted in our guild it is expected that you are an active member, you help your guildmates whenever possible. Recruiting others is also a good thing, and donating to the bank is never bad- (gear, or materials for other members if you can't afford anything else.) If your rank is to low to recruit then send the name of the person to a Warchief in chat or by mail if they aren't on.

Guild Rules
  • Respect other players, in or out of guild. If another player upsets you, guildie or non-guildie, then use general chat to discuss the incident or how you feel the situation is inappropriate. Use /t for a private chat or keep it in /g (Guild Chat), but you will usually regret flaming someone in general chat.
  • This is a game -- a place where many of us come to escape the pressures of everyday life --so please leave your political, spiritual, and sexual opinions/preferences in the Real World.
  • Guild members are here to help one another. If we want a strong guild, we need to help each other.
  • Be helpful to other players both inside and outside the guild. This doesn't mean you have to drop everything you're doing every time a question or need comes up, but try to maintain a general demeanor of willingness to help.
  • On the flipside of that, understand that your own request for help may not be answered immediately.
  • Please no offensive language. Intentional spamming in Guild Chat or the forum with inappropriate language or topics is not acceptable.
  • NO BEGGING! If you need money, you should earn it. If you do not know how to earn money please ask for help to do so. If you need money for training or your mount and have exhausted all other avenues, then only ask friends AND always negotiate a payback plan and uphold that. Please keep all requests that are made in private not guild chat. Desperate, incessant begging, either in Guild Chat or of others outside the guild, is unacceptable.
  • Respect and follow Group and Raid etiquette. Make it a point to know the party or raid loot rules.
  • NO NINJA LOOTING! Ninja looting is when you take a loot item that you should not have, either you didn't win the roll and you take anyway or the item is not for your class. There are many ways you can ninja loot an item, check with your party before if there is a question as to if this is your loot. This is probably the worst in-game rule you can break.
HAVE FUN! That is why we are all here in the first place.
Any violation of the above guidelines may be subject to the following: 1: Private Message 2:Guild Chat discussion of violation(peer pressure) 3: Meeting of the Warchiefs & possible removal from the guild.
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WOW Guide Site

539630148_Inactive, Jul 1, 08 8:43 AM.
I found a good site that has a lot of guides for classes and professions. These guides seem to be really good and free. steer clear of the leveling and gold guides at the top of the page- they are just ads for non-free guides. Check it out.

We have a Guild Bank!

539630148_Inactive, Apr 13, 08 4:31 PM.
Thank you to all those who donated to make this possible!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539630148_Inactive, Mar 31, 08 6:20 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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