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Dark Lords of the Horde
We are a raiding guild!
Apr 13, 08 12:54 AM
Onyxia Raid!
Apr 1, 08 9:15 AM
Guild Site Formation
Apr 1, 08 9:02 AM


<Dark Lords of the Horde> is an endgame oriented horde guild on the World of Warcraft server: Aerie Peak (US). Our purpose is to rise to become one of the top endgame guilds on our server and set new server records with the release of new content. We strive to be a successful endgame and raiding guild, while still maintaining a friendly family-style environment. We care more about who our players are than what gear they're wearing. If you lack the skills to be at the top of the game, we'll get you there! Welcome to our official website, please take some time to view the site and take full advantage of the tools provided on it. Feedback is always welcome!
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We are a raiding guild!

539298137_Inactive, Apr 13, 08 12:54 AM.
<Dark Lords of the Horde> has downed Onyxia and Hakkar in Zul'gurub. We have celebrated our first victories. We soon hope to enjoy several more, as next weekend we plan on tackling Zul'Gurub again, followed by Molten Core, and then again to Onyxia! We will soon begin working toward Blackwing Lair and the Ruins of Ahn'qiraj.  Fret not though for those who are level 70, we shall soon begin our incursion into Karazhan and beyond!

You can track our progression here, at WoWWiki

Onyxia Raid!

539298137_Inactive, Apr 1, 08 9:15 AM.
On April 5th, at 6:00PM Server Time, we will host our first ever guild raid on the dragon Onyxia! To learn more information related to this raid, please check out the entry in upcoming events. Hope to see you there!

Guild Site Formation

539298137_Inactive, Apr 1, 08 9:02 AM.
With the growing member base of our guild, and the our increased successfulness I have finally created for us a guild website. This site will be used primarily as a method to keep track of upcoming events, and to have a more browser friendly method of looking up guild related information. This site will be under construction temporarily, but I encourage all members to register with Guild Portal and submit a request for membership. IF your registered name on this site does not match your in-game character's name(s) then please post in the forums to let us know who you are.
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