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- Welcome to War Council -
We are a smaller guild that has our sights set on big things.

We are looking for active players who have the same common goals as we do. We use Group Calander for scheduled instance runs and group quests. We plan on building a strong team to continue moving forward and having a good time. Most of our officers are experienced players, from other servers, who have a good knowledge of end game encounters and dungeons.

If this sounds like something you're looking for in a guild then feel free to fill out the app on the Public Forum. Thanks!

**We are only accepting members 40+

**PLEASE use your in game name when registering for the website, its very hard to know who is who when your name doesn't match up. I understand some names will be taken, so if you can get it close or use numbers after your name thats fine too.

**Download Group Calendar. We will post events on the site to sign up for, however when it comes time for that event its very distracting to be switching between WoW and the webpage to see who is signed up. If you have probelms or questions about Group Calendar please ask any officer, we will help you out.

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539351907_Inactive, Apr 4, 08 6:12 AM.
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We are hoping to get members leveled up and geared
for our first Karazhan raids.

Minimum Requirements and Loot Rules
are posted on the Members forums,
please review them.
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