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The Oath of the Wardens

I charge into the tide of war so that my sons and daughters will one day know peace,
I march through the darkest halls so that the world will one day see light,
I push onward when others fall back so that the innocent will be given hope,
I fight to my very last breath so that others will be blessed with life,
I am the shield that safeguards the weak and innocent,
I am the blade that pierces through Darkness and Shadow,
I am a servant of the Valar, remaining ever faithful,
I am a guardian of Eriador, a Warden of the North

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Welcome to the Wardens of the North. We are a heavy role playing kinship that encourages, first and foremost, an excellent role playing experience. Our goal is to respect the Tolkien Lore as much as possible, though we try not to limit role play in an elitist manner. There will be room for raids and PvP events in our guild, however, it is not our primary goal or purpose and will be the last on the kinship priorities. We welcome all warriors of MiddleEath to the Wardens of the North. Our kinship is made up of adultsfrom all over who enjoy deep role play immersion and gather together toenjoy the tolkien experience on LOTRO. Our kinship is based out of theBree Homesteads on the Landroval server. We are looking for mature role players that can participate in kinship events actively and are willing to make a commitment and put their time in to the guild. For more information on the rules and guidelines of the kinship, please see our charter in the information section of this page. If you are intersted inbecoming a recruit, please contact Haydyn in the game or email us at

The wanderer stood before his king, as he had returned a lone and nearly broken exile. Though he was forsaken by his kindred he was never forgotten by his king nor ever would his previous deeds or service go without merit. Even as an exile from the order of the rangers, he had awaited long to answer the call his lord would one day bring to him. Now before his king, once more his soul was resurected and his cause as strong as ever before. His final command from his king who would later journey to the southern kingdoms would intwine his path back with the destiny he had long ago turned from. A sworn defender of Eriador, the wanderer had gathered folk of every race to strengthen the vanguard he would soon forge. Till the end of his days he and the new found Wardens of the North would defend the lands of Eriador from Darkness and Shadow.


Tonite's meeting possibly canceled.

Haydyn Sylvanus, Apr 8, 08 11:43 AM.
Due to a change in my schedule today I may not be available at the time I had posted for the meeting, so should I not be on at the given time, presume that the meeting will be canceled and moved to this Thursday at the same time, 8:00 P.M. EST.

Now Recruiting!

Haydyn Sylvanus, Apr 4, 08 5:13 AM.
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Wardens of the North is avtively recruiting members. If you are interested in joining, drop an application in the Recruitment Forums.
Recruitment Forum
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