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Welcome to E X E C R A T I O N!

E X E C R A T I O N is a friendly and well run guild. This guild is run by players who have ample experience in both current content and pre-BC content. We do except all players for the time being, but we do wish that people within the guild will be leveling up to 70 and PvPing or PvEing. You do not have to be "active" as such but we would like to see "casual" players. This doesn't mean that you have to play 4 days a week consistently, the amount of time you play is your choice. If you are interested in joining this wonderful guild just ask any of our members when they are online or send and email to us at Always remember to have fun!, but without being a nuisance.

You can also fill out an application if you are logged into, and answer the 7 questions as best you can :)

Some characters that you may whisper to join are:

Folspam - Special Officer
Pedigree - Special Officer
Idontheal - Special Officer
Survivalist - GM
Nookadoo - Special Officer
Ifarmgold - Special Officer
Anarak - Special Officer

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Current News

539639872_Inactive, Apr 5, 08 6:07 AM.
Patch 2.4 implemented! Fury of the Sunwell.

Patch notes will be put on website as we have done previously.  :)

Guild up in WoW.

Guild Tabard up.

Guild Website up.

Funds in bank are for tabs/ more tabs.

Important! As GM I will be away for a while playing here and there but I am focusing on my studies but I am happy for the guild to progress without me. :) GL play fair and nice!
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