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Welcome to the KoHG GW1 and 2 website!

We are in the process of accepting Members into KoHG in Guild Wars 2!! Please contact myself or Aidan for invite!!  Site will be updated over the next several weeks.  Get in now!!!

KoHG is a Luxon PvE/PvP Alliance, that has been around for about 5 years now. We are active, fun, helpful, and schedule events almost daily! If you would like to join the KoHG Alliance of Guilds, please signup and we will contact you!  Players of all levels are welcome.  If you ever need more help please feel free to use our forums!      
                                                     Happy Gaming!

We have activated the Events, Achievements AND the medals sections. This means that the more active you are on the site, attending events and doing special things to help your fellow Allies, in turn may earn you a special medal (see images section for medal pics). Also we may award some in game items for the highest ranking achievement people and/or something to go along with the medals. We will determine the rewards at a future Alliance Leaders meeting but no doubt they will be substantial.

In addition, for attending events you will earn RAID points that can be used to purchase items from the Alliance Bank. If you wish to donate high end items to the Alliance Bank like weapons or minipets, please notify me by mail. Keep in mind, that in itself may earn you a medal. ;) ty!!

Callie Von

See the FORUMS for infomation on Guild Wars 2!!!

GW2---Site will be making some changes!

Vixena Vir, Aug 27, 12 1:50 PM.
As you know GW2 is now out and we are incorporating it into our website!  KoHG Guild is formed in GW2 so if you want in please email me or Aidan and we will invite you!  We will not spend much time in GW1 any longer so if you would like to join another guild for it, feel free.  It was fun in Guild Wars but now its time to move on to better things!  Hope to see you all in KoHG guild in Guild Wars 2!!

Alliance update!

Ghea, May 31, 12 12:32 AM.
  As I'm sure some of you have noticed, we have alot of new members! Please take the time to say hi to ACOW and Big Bang Theory members...and make them feel welcome!  We have been working hard lately to get our faction up, and thanks to all your hard work, we now own a town again!   Buy your lockpicks and such while you can...cuz it changes daily. Those Kurz are giving us a run for the money!
  Some of you may not be aware, but Callie has handed the Alliance Leadership over to me recently, due to him not having the time to be as much as before. I am hopeful he will be back soon. As always, if you have a problem,suggestion, or an idea to make things more fun, i can be reached in-game, or messaged here on the site.

KOHG hits Diablo 3

Vixena Vir, May 18, 12 9:05 AM.
So whos Playing Diablo 3?  Hit the forums and let me know!! 


Vixena Vir, Apr 26, 12 6:31 PM.
Ok so with Beta starting Tomorrow, Im just going to go ahead and say we will set our Home World to MOLADUNE.  Everyone please use this world so we can find you!  Also the second I can, I will make the KOHG Guild and get everyone in!  Ill know more how this works once I get into the game.

Please Keep an Eye on the GUILD WARS 2 Forum I have set up here on our site.  I will ask for a list of names for all who will be joining us in the KOHG Guild.

See you in game 19.5 hours from now!!  Look For me Under Vixena Vir or Callie Von.

Alliance Update

Ghea, Apr 24, 12 12:24 PM.
  This is for those of you who actually wanna know what's been going on with us this week. Callie and I have been very busy, working hard to make this alliance one of the best in the game. As I'm sure youve noticed, there are ALOT of new people around. 5 of our guilds are now at max capacity! We could not have accomplished this without the help of all of you. Special thanks go to Azure the Dragon, and Callie himself, for the awesome recruiting job in [FAR], and thanks to the rest of you for being your fun, helpful selves, and making all our new members feel welcome!
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