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The Rule of One
WE…. abolished Darth Bane's Rule of Two, a dictate which commanded that there should be only two Sith at any one time; a master and an apprentice, one to embody the power of the dark side, the other to crave it.

Instead, there would be the Rule of One—that One being the Sith Order itself, under which there would be many minions, acolytes/adepts and lords with only one Dark Lord of the Sith. As Sith and Our power Gives us a purpose, unlike Darth Bane who believed that power was its own purpose.

Under the Rule of One, the followers of the Dark Lord are to be  taught blind obedience and absolute loyalty to the Dark Lord of the Sith, instead of the plotting and infighting of previous Sith organizations. Similarly to the Jedi Order, Sith Masters train a single apprentice. However, after their training is completed, apprentices are required to slay said Masters as a test of their allegiance to the Dark Lord, just like in the past Sith Order acolytes were required to kill someone to whom they were attached or close to seal their transition to the dark side. Masters who deemed their apprentices ready would allow themselves to be killed.

The new Sith also mirrored the Jedi in that, while they did rely on passion, hatred and aggression, they did not seek power for themselves alone, but to serve the will of the Dark Lord and impose his order on the galaxy by any means neccessary. Instead of reducing the number of Sith to avoid the Order from destryoing itself, Sith philosophy has been Changed to Work For The ONE.
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