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Sea At Last
Apr 21, 08 8:42 PM
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Welcome To Shattered Chains

The Shattered Chains of Ifrit is a linkshell dedicated to the perseverance of all those who have been bound by chains of linkshells that enforce your attendance through penalties, yet at the same time they never help you get anywhere in the game.  Our purpose is a clear one, which is to help each other reach end game events in any and all styles.  This will one day include Sky, Sea, Dynamis, Assault, and salvage.  Once enough of our members are able to attend these events, we will start planning them on a regular basis within our own shell.  However, as fun as the end game seems, we must remember that our shell is about helping one another and never forget that.

Alright, so we have been in operation for three months now.  Things have progressed well, we have had many members gain ground on CoP, which has been one of our goals.  We have successfuly started sky, with lot list fully functional within our sky / zilart topics for members only. Our main focus at the moment will be sky raids, monday and thursday 6-11 est.  As we roll with this, we will start to focus on other types of events such as hnms, events like DM and POP NM runs, and other such things to help our members out.

Please take time to post on the forums and feel free to start your own threads.  This LS revolves around the player and communication is a must in order to prosper.


Sea At Last

Alucuard, Apr 21, 08 8:42 PM.
With the arrival of our first CoP perma at sea, and the soon to be second arrival of our second CoP perma, we hope to get sea based operations underway.  Using a new linkshell, well actually a very old linkshell called The Legions of Time, we will be conducting Sea based gaming.  This will consist of both Sea and soon Limbus.  I will announce the actual first sea based meeting, but for now I am just going to say the events will be on monday nights.  However, right now we are at an impass.  We will have to start recruiting for Sea in game and getting members.  Its going to have to be a requirement for linkshell members to apply to the site and make sure I know they have access to the site.  More about this will be explaned in game.

Grats to all of you who fought long and hard to get to Sea, and to those who will be joining us soon.

Keep working on those jobs to 75 and getting to Sea.
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