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A. Recruitment
  1. The Champions of Arnor are a mixed kinship. As of now, we accept all levels and all classes. Ideally, we look to recruit players above level 20 to avoid recruiting trial users. 
  2. All recruiting will be done by spreading the word through the appropriate chat channels. Recruitment drives may be implemented to attract attention to potential recruits.
B. Promotions
  1. Members are promoted to Officer under considerations of merit by the reigning officers. Extenuating circumstances such as frequent contributions to the kinship may be viewed by the leader and his officers for consideration towards promotion.
  2. All recruits will be subject to a three week trial period before they are evaluated for promotion to Member.
  3. All other promotions involving extenuating circumstances, namely promotion of alts, will be done at the discretion of the Leader and his Officers.
  4. On December 23, 2007, Klonodor posted a thread of the message board entitled "Rising the Ranks" which provided general guidelines and hints as to how members of the kin can advance in rank. Though outdated in a few respects, I am compelled to post the thread into this charter. Below is the text:
Hey guys. I've been asked several times recently how a kinsman can rise in rank in the kinship. While we have no set criteria right now for deciding the promotions of Officers other than the current Officers and Delgar getting together and making suggestions for promotions, there's 3 key areas that I personally look if I feel someone is in line for a promotion:

1) Contribution -- this means actively helping other members with quests and offering aid whenever possible. Providing for your fellow kinsman in essential. For instance, Valimaar and I have a system we've set up to aid each other. I'm a top tier scholar and he is a top tier weaponsmith; I provide him ancient scrolls and in return I get awesome weaponry. This sort of trade is important -- you give, you get back. Feel free to take things out of the housing chests (they are crowded as is). If you do, aim to put something of comparable worth back in to the chest.

2) Provide a biography of your character -- Delgar and I are big on this. At last count, we have 29 characters within this kin. Of those 29 characters, I see 3 biographies posted on our Wiki site ( Klonodor, Delgar and Forandir. If you read the charter on the same page, you will find under D. Expectations "Providing a biography for your character is looked highly upon. Champions of Arnor take pride in being a kinship that fosters characters that are very dimensional. We strongly feel that delving into the history, personality and attributes of your character enhances the gaming experience." Please do this for me. For me! :) If you need any creative suggestions, ask around. I'd be more than glad to help. Nothing special. Just a paragraph or two explaining just who your character is, their history, etc.

3) Activity on the message board -- Few of us are registered members on the board, yet this is an important forum for communication. Please register as soon as possible and be active in discussions. I ask this as a favor just for me...FOR ME! :)

That's about it for now. Good hunting.

50 Champion of Gondor

C. Role of Leader and Officers
  1. The leader and officers of the kinship are in charge of all executive decisions pertaining to the maintenance of the kinship.
  2. The leader has the power to call meetings to discuss matters relating to the future of the kinship. It is imperative that all members attend.
  3. Officers are expected to provide counsel to the leader in regards to the direction and handling of the kinship. It is the duty of officers to make recommendations and formulate ideas to the leader as to make improvements and strength the kinship.
  4. As the chief officer in the kinship, the leader is the final say in matters of debate and may invoke his veto power to strike down any ideas that he feels are not in the best interest of the kinship.
D. Expectations
  1. Providing a biography for your character is not only required but looked highly upon. Champions of Arnor take pride in being a kinship that fosters characters that are very dimensional. We strongly feel that delving into the history, personality and attributes of your character enhances the gaming experience.
  2. All members are asked to be registered and active in discussions on the official COA message board.
  3.  Members whose inactivity exceeds 30 days without contacting a kinship member to declare their status will be demoted to recruit. Officers who are inactive for 30 days will be demoted to member. After returning from 30 days of inactivity, should you go inactive for a prolonged stretch of time again, it is unlikely that you will retain your former rank without a continued degree of activity within the kinship.
E. Name Policy
  1. As of December 10, 2007, in hopes of to maintain true to the lore Tolkien created, the Champions of Arnor will only recruit members with Tolkien-style names. Members prior to this date are exempt from this rule. Seeing that numerous members role-play as part of their gaming experience, "AOL screen name" style names (IE - hotgurlx, ilikemuffins) tend to make this experience difficult. In other words, you 'enter Middle-earth' upon logging in; I'm quite sure Tolkien would not name a character Happypants. Delgar wrote about our new name policy in the passage below:
Hello everyone. I just wanted to touch base on the name issue that we have. Some names that are not Tolkien style could be explained in a bio of the character. As long as it's a good explanation. Those that entered before Dec. 10 are okay but those after must be approved by Valimaar, Klonodor or Delgar. If approved they must provide a bio that explains their name and why they are called "Blackwolf or Stareagle". Officers, please consider the player's name along with their abilities that they bring into the kinship. If anyone has problems with coming up with names visit [].

E. Disciplinary Action
  1. We're all easy going and we're all here to have fun. Accordingly, we currently have no set rules yet on disciplinary action. Since the founding of Champions of Arnor, we have been very fortunate and privileged to have recruited members that are mature. Should a problem arise, the Officers will handle it in a way they deem appropriate.
F. Role-playing and Conduct
  1.  If you enjoy including role-playing as part of your gaming experience, we encourage it. If not, no worries. Promotion ceremonies, for instance, now have a tradition of incorporating role-play elements into the event. We did not ask that you obligatorily partake in role-playing during these events, but respect those that do.
  2. As a member of COA, you are both a character inside the game and a person outside the game. The message board can be used to get to know as much or as little about the person you are outside the game. We fully understand privacy concerns.
  3. Be careful of your behavior when communicating through chat channels. If you're using kin chat to communuicate with one person for an extended amount of time, please take the conversation into a private tell. The kin chat should be for multiple individuals within the kin to chat. Refrain from picking fights over OOC. Remember that as a member of this kin you serve as an ambassador to other players. Your conduct reflects the conduct of our kin. Simply put, do not make an ass of this kin by being disrespectful publically. Be mindful of your words.
  4. We have several Housing Containers within our kinship house. Items put into these chests range in value. Thus, we use an honor code. As of right now, members are free to take items that they need at their discretion. However, we highly encouraged members to replace the item with something of comparable worth. If a member is found to be abusing this honor code, their access to the Housing Containers will simply be taken away.
  5. As stating previously, COA is an easy going kinship. We all like to joke around and have fun. Because of this, it is expected that Klonodor will goof on you. It is also important and expected that you poke fun at the ages of certain members. Sorry, the youthful twenty-one year old Klonodor wrote most of this charter and had to include that little snippet at the expense of his kin buddies. We're all family here (that's scary thought); who does more ball-busting to each other than families? However, it should be mentioned that if you find the conduct of a member to be inappropriate, please contact Delgar or an Officer. Just maybe not Klonodor -- his conduct is questionable as is, seeing that he cannot maintain a level of seriousness while authoring this governing document of our kinship. All seriousness just went out the window. I'm sure Delgar will change this entry later. :)
G. Amending the Charter
  1.  Members who wish to make amendments to the charter must contact an Officer and articulate their concerns. From there an Officer will forward these concerns to the Leader for consideration. As the kinship evolves and expands, so shall this charter.
H. Conclusion
  1. Concluding, take these words to heart: a successful kinship is one where every member contributes. Always ask what is in the best interest of the kinship. Hold true to our motto: Magic and steel but HONOR above all!
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