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Apr 14, 08 4:58 PM
More Coming Soon!
Apr 12, 08 3:10 PM

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 If you are a guest, thank you for visiting! If you’re a Bum, get out there and panhandle! How else are we gonna get another tab in our guild bank with you sitting there reading this?!


The Bums of Dalaran is a fairly small Alliance guild made up of adult players with a focus on late night raids on the Dalaran server. And before you hear more, please enjoy these few words from our sponsor, Topper McNabb (The greatest Alliance bum)

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A Note About Raids

We currently have two Karazhan groups and are building a third. Our lidless eyes are currently set on Zul’Aman … more on that soon …

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A Note About Membership

Membership is temporarily closed to the public as we begin to organize ourselves. When we open the doors, we will add members that will complement our third Kara group. Also, new members must be adults (18+) and will be added on trial basis while you are evaluated. Why you ask? Because we’re done with immature non-raid-ready members and the politics that naturally surround big or stale guilds. More on membership soon …


Final Note

Again, while we spank Karazhan, we are just getting organized on the web site … please be patient with us while the site fills in.



Dan (AKA – Daywalkerr, Xxorcist)

Other Guild News

Take the site to the next level

539656235_Inactive, Apr 14, 08 4:58 PM.
Panhandle Shout: Looking for a (financially secure) member to pay for removing the adds and extending our content on this page ... I wouldn't be a bum if I didn't ask ...  Dan (Daywalker/Xxorcist)

More Coming Soon!

539656235_Inactive, Apr 12, 08 3:10 PM.
As previously state, we are just getting organized. Stay tuned for more news (such as required guild Add-Ons, important messages, etc.
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