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Soborro run part duex
Apr 18, 08 7:48 AM
Dynamis Bastok
Apr 16, 08 11:51 AM
Applications now being accepted
Apr 15, 08 10:11 AM
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v.   tr.

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Welcome to Illuminate a Bahamut server LS. We are a small shell that is focused on Limbus Salvage Sky and Dynamis. All events will be ran bye a LS leader who is focused on that singular task. If you are wanting to apply to our LS and join our family please apply in the Application section. All rules and requirements are posted there, please read them carefully before applying. Events will be around 7-8 pm EST. All limbus salvage and sky runs are mandatory, if you are online you will be expected to be there. We want this Ls to grow and to get our members the gear they need, therefore we will be keeping this shell relatively small. Limbus is done with Wishvii a separate LS for dynamis only and is not mandatory.



Limbus will be ran by our Shellholder Rution/Cabrim. We will do 2 runs a week.  Coins will be lotted by a ls leader to be split evenly to all attending members. AF and relic +1 items will be lotted only if you have that job @70+ and it is listed as your job for lotting. Please post your pick in the members section. Omega, Ultima and Jailers will be done on weekends to allow for all members to attend. If you have or buy pop items you will be allowed to choose 1 item and lot alone if it drops all other items will be lotted by ls members for their help, and coins will go into pool for next run to be split.


Salvage will be ran by Arogan and will be limited to 12 static members. You will be responsible to obtain points to enter. All existing members will have a 1 2 3 tier slot and new members will get a 2 3 4 slot. Please choose wisely and post your picks in the salvage lotting tier section. We will do 3 runs a week and they are mandatory, please make sure you can attend before joining the salvage group. If you miss to many runs you will be removed to make room for those who can attend.


Sky will be ran by Dubbag. Pop item farms and Gods are mandatory if you are online. Sky will be ran on a points system and you will receive bonus points for being early. Lots will be decided based on points and recent attendance by the ls leaders as the items drop. If you show up you will be rewarded for your hard work I promise. You may buy pop items and sponsor a run you will be allowed to choose 1 item to lot alone if it drops all other rare/ex items will be lotted by LS members, and all money drops will go to LS bank.


Dynamis will be ran by Cyr (Wish LS leader) and is done with a separate shell Wishvii. This is not mandatory if you choose to attend dynamis you will be ginin a pearl to wishvii. Please check the following link for all rules and what you are expected to do in you job role.


All events will be coordinated by Conan  


Soborro run part duex

KingConan, Apr 18, 08 7:48 AM.
Saturday at noon Farm and POP till all who need get 1 50 cap event be ready

Dynamis Bastok

KingConan, Apr 16, 08 11:51 AM.
Start time is thursday @ 5:30 pm EST please gather 30 minutes early bring RR items and any meds you will need. We gonna rape this sucka!!!! Congrats to Vabian on Duelist's boots last week and to me Conan on Valor hands from last weks awesome 1st LS run Proud of you guys we did great, lets keep it up.

Applications now being accepted

KingConan, Apr 15, 08 10:11 AM.
Enrollment is open we need some mages and DD pretty bad but we also need good loyal people. Please feel free to post your apps and guys help me find some good peeps. thanks
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