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Reminder about Korafax Raids

Galaorn, Feb 5, 09 8:43 AM.
The next Live patch is Wednesday, February 11th. That patch will make it no longer possible to banner into Korafax raids. In order to continue attending, earning points, and winning loot, in Korafax raids, you need:

the ability to zone into the regular Korafax group zone
the 4 missions from Telivar:
    Kill the Shearspawn
    Inside Information
    Meeting Adjourned

Try to get in on these as people run them in the coming week, and don't be afraid to organize your own!

Temporary forums until MS gets a new site up

Ronak-MS, Feb 4, 09 10:18 PM.
Hey guys, just using this site to communicate outside of game for a day or so until we get a new site up and running!

Saturday May 24 Tacvi raid @ 2PM EST

Slimdean123, May 16, 08 2:42 PM.
Hey folks! We're gonnd do Tacvi again this coming Saturday, all are welcome! Please start gathering in Qvic @ 1:30PM EST. Seeya there.

Anguish Raid Sundays 2pm EST Duh!

Slimdean123, Apr 13, 08 8:42 PM.
Show up early at the Zone In. In the meantime, Please work on your TSS progression flags and let me know of your updates so we all can progress into TSS open raids.
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