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Blood Bath and Beyond is a casual raiding guild, filled with friends who share focus.  After seeing the demise of many fine guilds, we've decided to take our own actions in a new direction, with new purpose, and execution. 

We are a guild run by a council of members, people of like minds who are interested in advancing to endgame content while continuing to enjoy the game. 

Please read our Guild Focus
Members will find items of interest in the pages of our forums, including information on the vent server and EPGP.  All members are welcome to open discussions.

Other Guild News

First 25 man OS

RoweenaTheGnome, Feb 4, 09 6:41 PM.
Grats to Krieo on topping Damage Meters! 

Blood Bath and Beyond grouped with Arisen for a 25 man Obsidian Sanctum run on the fly.  Probably only 6 of us there, but you know they noticed. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a cocky bitch and to know that my words will be backed up by our guildies.

Hellz Yes!

BB&B Downs Thaddius!

RoweenaTheGnome, Jan 26, 09 12:56 PM.
In an epic battle that had 1 tank and 1 healer down from the getgo, Blood Bath and Beyond stayed the course and kicked Thaddius's ass in the last seconds before his enrage.

Fucking hot.

Grats guys!  and Congrats to Epidrak on t7 legs!

Welcome Members of Last Call

RoweenaTheGnome, Jan 13, 09 8:40 PM.
Welcome to all members of Last Call!  We're thrilled to have you within our ranks and look forward to many late night laughs and boss kills in the future. 

And a personal note from one chick player to another, Shaz, so glad there are other chicks out there like you and I running these boys around. 


Ventrilo Server Upgraded

RoweenaTheGnome, Dec 23, 08 12:36 AM.
The ventrilo server has been upgraded to a 25 man server.  This will allow for 10 man raids to continue on and not interrupt possible instance runs taking place on the server.  New channels have been added for such purposes.
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