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Apocalyptic Charter    


Apocalyptic is a progressive raiding guild striving to experience end-game content.  With our motto “Gear the Raid, Not the Individual”, we have been successful in our endeavors as a whole.  The guild members work together with the officer core in order to be successful.  Apocalyptic’s internal structure:

Guild Masters:  Pakserian and Felron

Class officers:   Skully, Jeadget, Evalia, and Biochemist

Raid Leaders:  Pakserian, Felron, Jeadget, Evalia, and Biochemist

Raiders:  Guild members that are solid and reliable players that regularly attend raids.

Casual:   Members that are either friends/family of Raiders, or members that cannot regularly attend raids.

Initiate:  New additions to the guild on a probationary period before achieving raider status.




  • RESPECT YOUR OFFICERS:  Officers and Guild Masters have their job for a reason, and should be regarded as such. They are there to help make decisions that affect the guild as a whole as well as to help the guild members themselves.   However, if for some reason you think you are being treated unfairly, and only if, do not hesitate to go to your Guild Master to rectify the problem.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS:   While in Apocalyptic, everyone is to show respect to your fellow members, leaders, and to others not in the guild. Proper conduct is valued here, meaning do not feed forum trolls, always conduct yourselves properly  in trade channels, general channels, and within pug groups.  A good reputation will increase the overall respect of the guild and our endeavors.
  • NO FIGHTING :  Any guild members disrespecting others will be suspended from raids for one week.  If there is another occurrence, you will be asked to leave the guild.  We are here together as one unit with the same focus.  If there are concerns, please go to your class officer or guild master to resolve the issue. 
  • LANGUAGE:   This boils down to common sense, if there are minors in the room or some materials that may be found unacceptable, just don’t say it.  If a guild member informs you that they find what you are saying to be offensive, STOP.  If the discussion is not terminated, dont be surprised if it is reported to an officer or GM, where repercussions will ensue.
  • INACTIVITY:  if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please write an ingame email or a website email to your class officer or GM.  If you are inactive for 2 weeks, without notice, you will be removed from the roster. You are, however, welcome to reapply. 


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