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Season 3 Preview
Crusty Eyed Adventurers

   Our membership includes a solid core of L80+ knowledgeable and helpful players, along with a few low to mid level mains and alts. We group together, work on epics and quests, and raid one to three times a week on some of the following events (participation is never required):
  • Anguish raids
  • SOD Void Progression (up to Void F)
  • DON raids
  • Epic fights
  • Multiple quest augmentations
  • SOD armor essence gathering up to Tier 5 group
  • We DO NOT use the DKP system.  All loot is random rolled.

We are always looking for new members interested in this kind of semi-casual style of guild, or just good friends and family to group with. All we ask is that a certain level of maturity, patience and honesty with your guild-mates and the other members of the community be adhered to. If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of, just click on "Join Crusty Eyed Adventurers" and fill out an application, or look for one of our leaders or officers in EverQuest on the server Stromm.



Crusty's News Stand
Crusty's News Stand

Crusty Eyed Adventurers Defeats Stardouser

We are proud to announce another achievement for Crusty Eyed Adventurers - where we took down Stardouser in Korafax. This is another team accomplishment and congratulations goes out to all in attendance. Defeating Stardouser now allows those in attendance to repeat Korafax group instances.

CEA does an Anguish run

Giants Giants Giants


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