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Officer Contacts
Marty O'Doyle
Knight Grand Master
Shawn Lukes (Karl Hellenberg)
Knight Marshal
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Death before dishonour!



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Welcome to the new home of the
Sosarian Order of Knights

We are a group of highly trained individuals who work well together to form an unstoppable force. Our Order is all about teamwork. As such, we strive to bring truth and justice to the land. Our Honour is our life. Without it, we are empty shells.

Our order also sees Magery as witchcraft, corrupting our youth. Mages therefore, whether good or evil, in our eyes, must be stopped at all costs.
No mage shall be given mercy. Witches must be burned at the stake! Let no witch live!

We have claimed the city of Jhelom as our hometown.

To join: contact us!

Marty O'Doyle, AIM: martyodoyle, Skype: 
Karl Hellenberg, AIM: Joar93
Godrick Strongarm, AIM: rainydaysj3

Our Order is currently located in LIMBO.  We are not active on any shard.   Look for a comeback on UO:F in the near future!

The Chivalric Code:
In war, the chivalrous knight is idealized as brave and honourable in battle, loyal to his guild, and willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.  Towards his fellow countrymen, the knight is to be merciful, humble, and courteous.  Towards noble ladies above all else, the knight is to be gracious and gentle.

The Code is not law, it is a way of life.  Learn it, live by it, die by it.


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