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Why is your pet attacking me Kero?

- Ashkevron
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Greetings fellow Norrathians!
Welcome to the home of the Knights of Insomnia

Knights of Insomnia, of the Bristlebane (Tribunal/Solusek Ro) Server, is a family-style guild composed of players of all levels.  Please feel free to browse the Information area and also the public areas of our Forums

Any player wishing to apply for membership is encouraged read up on our Guild Charter, about the Allies of Norrath, and our Raid information before filling out an application to join our Guild.


EverQuest goes F2P!

Kyrros, Sep 2, 12 3:08 PM.
Yep, EverQuest has gone Free-to-Play, and with that, every old account (and character) has been upgraded free to Silver status. All players own every expansion now up to House of Thule.

If you've been gone awhile, come on back and check things out - it's free, whats the pain in that?

The Game's 'Underfoot'...

Kyrros, Sep 5, 10 5:56 AM.
Yes, Pun intended...

EverQuest's latest expansion,
Underfoot, has been released
(with 'House of Thule' already in Beta...)

Bristebane server has absorbed The Tribunal in the recent sweep of server merges.

(Having served on the Tribunal server as a guide in the past, I can tell you there are nice people to be had and friendly faces to get to know - so get out there shake soem hands )

We are living in yet another exciting time to be a part of Norrath!

Level 70 Announcement

Kyrros, Jan 31, 06 9:47 PM.
You have gained a Level!  Welcome to Level 70!

Congratulations are in order to Hywiz, on recently obtaining Level 70!

If you see him in-game, congratulate him - if you don't see him, harrass him with a few in-game mailings with the semi-new in-game mail system


536880261_Inactive, Mar 21, 05 7:36 AM.

HUGE!! Grats to Yuop on obtaining his epic!!
Thank you to all who could be there, that little Dragon/newt Faydedar has nothing on KoI and allies! woohoo!!
Wave your leafblower proudly Yuop!!!

Grats Yuop

536880261_Inactive, Jan 7, 05 7:00 PM.

Grats t Yuop for obtaining his second to last epic peice yay! up soon would be the slaying of everyone's favorite dragon/newt Faydedar! look for that playing a theater near  you soon-ish.

hehe, grats Yuop!! Also thank you Wendy for hanging out and helping us kill stuff :)

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