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Blood Sage Clan
Guild Runs
Apr 24, 08 12:25 PM
Apr 24, 08 12:23 PM

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Blood Sage Clan
What we can do for you: The guild officers and guild leader will be able to bring anyone of any level in the guild to instances and usally finish the whole place. we can also provide quest help by walking you through the quest or giving you directions. We can also give out loans to guildies who have been in the guild for atleast two weeks.

Guild Bank:
We have two guild tabs for the bank (one of mats and recipese and one for eq.).

Levels: We will not accept anyone under the level of 30 at this point unless it is an alt to a main that is in the guild.

Activity: We Have about 45 active guildies. All chars will be booted after 14 days of inactivity unless you write a note saying you wont be on. Main hours of activity are between 4:00pm-11:00am (server time) (7pm-2am eastern time)

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Guild Runs

539681539_Inactive, Apr 24, 08 12:25 PM.
There will be atleast one full guild run everyday around 6pm (server time) so please be on if you need one. If you have quests in a specific instance please notify Nightsage ahead of time.


539681539_Inactive, Apr 24, 08 12:23 PM.
Nightsage is willing to run members through at different times of the day. Just set up a time with him or a guild officer through mail, guild chat or note/officer note!

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