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Who We Are

We are an alliance guild!

We love Raiding, PVP, and Running Heroics

We have families, jobs, and other REAL LIFE responsibilities that come first.

We are all mature. No Drama!

We believe in teamwork and helping out fellow guild mates.

We strive for a guild that is friendly, fun, and actively seeks progression at a comfortable pace.

and above all….

We have fun!


Welcome to Knights honor, we are a friendly and fun Alliance guild on Nathrezim. We run naxx10 every Saturday and when we have enough geared players we will be moving into naxx25.

Knights honor is a fun guild. We are not "hardcore" raiders, but we do all enjoy gearing up and seeing new content. We have fun on our raids and strive to make each night an enjoyable experience (yes, even when we are wiping as we learn a new boss fight!). A positive attitude is a must, or at the very least if your attitude turns negative, keep it to yourself.

We are a weekend raiding guild. Saturday and Sunday mostly. Other days may have things planned but the majority of our raiding will be done on the weekend.

Current Requirements:
Main Character Level 80
Heroic or AH Epic Geared or Better (2k dps minimum on bosses, etc...)
Know your class, have a desire to improve, and bring good attitude to raids

We don't want a guild to feel like a job, so we don't have an "application." Instead all you need do is fill out this form, telling us your character name. We will contact you in-game and chat with you a bit to see if Knights honor is the guild for you. Please note you need a GuildPortal account to fill out the above form. The account is free and if you are accepted into the guild it will be your login on this page in the future allowing  you to post on the forum, etc...
What instances do we plan to raid?
Saturdays we raid Naxx-10, Sunday we do other raids such as OS, EoE, Vault. We plan to move into Naxx-25 and other 25 mans soon.

Is there a loot system?
We do free rolls with some rules. Priority goes to anyone who's not gotten an epic on that run or recently. Mains before alts. Main spec before off-spec. Officers decide who gets what based on these rules. In the end, we want everyone to get epics.

Guild Bank?
Yes, we have a two tab bank. The first tab is free for all members to add and remove items. The second tab you must ask an officer for a withdraw.

Raid Times
Invite: 11am
Call Time: 5:30pm

Invite: 11am
Call Time: 3:30pm

All times in server.
Server Status
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