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*_* Welcome Guest, to the Monkees of the Evolution! A City of Heroes, Guardian server based Super Group *_*

We are a group of heroes dedicated to the protection of Paragon city against Lord Recluse and his minions. We have heroes of all Archetypes & levels in both our SGs. And we are always glad to help out our fellow heroes whenever possible, and sometimes... we just like to have some monkee lovin' FUN!

The M.o.E. base is fully operational. We have 2 Teleport rooms with all 22 zone TP's and a Raid TP. A Medical Center with Reclaimators (that each have 2 Robo-Surgeries attached), Auto-Doc's & Combat Logs. 2 Workshops with plenty of storage,  worktables & Personal storage Vault. Control room with the Autonomous Expert System, SG mission computer and the Fire & Ice Pillar for Ouroboros missions. Energy room with 2 Fusion Generators.  The Monkee Bar and plenty of defenses.

We are SG mission & Raid ready. So when/if the IoP mission comes online we will be giving it a shot. Also, when Base Raids are live again we will be scheduling some.

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Monkee News
Connection Problems
By Mega Volt, Jul 11, 09 3:54 PM

Hey guys...I cannot connect to the game for some reason (I am working with NCSoft trying to figure out the problem) and I was entrusted with paying rent for the base while Spec is gone. I sent him an email detailing whats going, but incase we lose power to the base, will someone contact one of the l... Read More

MoE Base has been restored!!!
By Spectacularr, Apr 22, 09 9:56 PM

Hail Monkees!!! Our base was restored today! It it just as it was before it crashed. Nothing is missing and everything seems to be in proper working order.

They have confirmed that the base bug has been fixed and it is now fine to use the Storage as well as everything else in the base.
Read More

By Spectacularr, Apr 14, 09 1:28 PM

Imagine my suprise when I went into the base to drop off some Inspirations and entered to an empty Entrance room. I thought I had clicked on the wrong base, so I exited and re-entered. To my dismay, it was our base!

Apparently there is a known base bug problem since the release of issue 14. ... Read More

i14: Architect Release Notes
By Spectacularr, Apr 8, 09 9:47 PM

Here they are. Issue 14: Architect Release notes.

By Spectacularr, Apr 8, 09 9:42 PM

There have been reports of Rogue Monkees reeking havoc across the city. Get out there and put a stop to them!

Monkee Story Arc now LIVE!
Arc name: Rogue Monkees
Arc ID: 4707

The Arc is set for all levels, Hero or Villian. You may want to get a team together as the last couple mis... Read More

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