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Vargran (Officer) 1/30/2005 7:29 AM EST : Mages
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Mages are your crowd control and damage dealers in a guild raid or instance. 

It is vital to keep your mages alive and kicking in a raid.

Use this thread to discuss the effective ways to utilize a mage in a group.

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Deleted User (Applicant) 2/17/2005 4:44 AM EST : RE: Mages

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I started a mage, Wirenth a couple weeks ago and am very much enjoying this class!  I'm going the fire route with her because the niche I usually like the most in a group is dealing the damage.  I made this alt primarily because I was seeing Arasil's dps starting to fall off a bit as I was getting higher levels.  I know that this is because hunters are a more versitile class and have more survivability.  (ie they can wait much later into the fight to realize that things aren't going their way and flee)
Anyway I've gotten her to 34 as of yesterday and am having an absolute blast.  (all puns intended.)
I was wondering if any of our more experienced mages have any advice on where to level around this point, or any tips/comments in general.  In fact, I'm liking this class so much that I might just get the thrill of the remaining hunter pets by watching Baji tame them, and make this mage  my main.
But then I'm only at 34, so I might completely change my mind in ten levels or so. 
But in the mean time I can get a raptor to match Baji's and that will be cool. 

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