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Greetings and Salutations Guest!!!

Welcome to the Essence Guild page. Here is a place we hope you will be able to socialise outside of FW, find information on upcoming guild events, acquire helpful hints, keep up to date with guild news, and state your opinions on various matters (within reason)

Some of the features apart from a forum you will find here include:

  • A bank where you can list unwanted items other guildies might like
  • A "Live" chat function for when the servers are down... or any other time really...
  • A voting section for when we want the guilds opinions (or just for fun)
  • And a Roster of all current members.

If you are a member of Essence, please take the time to subscribe to your forums. To do this you will first need to register with Guild Portal. To do this click on the "New User" link located at the top right of this page. Once that is complete, apply for access to the  Essence  Forums. Once I receive your application and verify your identity I will grant you access.

Additionally please don't forget to utilise your job skills! For example Alchemy and Cooking are important. And buying pots isn't cheap. By utilising these skills and farming for the ingredients, you will not only save yourself a ton of soul coin, but avoid annoying other members by constantly asking them for things in which you should be self sufficient. Also remember to have a good supply of Mana and Health pots, and food and drink when entering a dungeon. You can't always rely on your healer, if you have one, especially in PUGS.

So once again I welcome you to the Essence guild page, and hope you have a fun time here.


P.S Thanks a lot Masaya for the AWESOME Banner!!!

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