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Clan of the Raven Moon
Pay Attention!
The first Step
Jun 6, 08 5:36 PM
Find Out Here!!!
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Open For Business
Welcome to
Clan of the Raven Moon

This guild has been around for over a year.  I developed it as soon as I began playing 'Burning Crusade'.  Now that I have leveled up high enough to assist lower levels, and learned about the different characters, dungeons, instances, and raids - we are recruiting new members.
we are at the present, a small guild working our way from the bottom with lower levels.  This way we can build the guild together through leveling our characters together, assisting Clan members, forums, and chats.
I am here to have fun!  Humor is encouraged!  I just ask that you keep it somewhat clean. If anyone is having problems with someone,  I am here to assist and resolve, whatever that entails.
We have many visions for the path ahead and hope that you enjoy your membership in Clan of the Raven Moon.
(Read on if you are interested in some of those visions.)
Here is a few of those visions.
1) preform Battlegrounds for each set of levels, ie 29, 39,49, 59. Independent BG's are not frowned upon.  Nor are 'pug' groups (as long as that is not all you are doing)
2) Raids on small towns like 'Crossroads' for those of us who like that sort of thing.  It can be fun to just go wipe out a town.)
3) Arena teams.  Have you seen the Merciless Netherdrake (epic flying mount) you get when you are a high rated arena team.
4) A wide variety of characters and modes of playing.  Some like BG's, some like Arena fighting, and some like mostly questing.  We are a versatile guild and welcome all classes and professions, levels, and styles.
Ok, I will shut up now and let you go fill out the questionaire so you can get on with becoming a full member of the Clan of the Raven Moon.
Thanks for taking the time to check out and read our information.  Happy Hunting!  Tyragon
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The first Step

539403697_Inactive, Jun 6, 08 5:36 PM.
For those of you looking at this, you are obviously checking us out. Maybe you have already been invited to our Guild...  

Clan of the Raven Moon...  has a ring to it, doesn't it?!

We do have a guild bank
 (which has rules like everything else)

We also have Ventrilo.
And This, our Web Presence!

As a game played globally, it is important that we keep a certain level of self control.  We are viewed by the world.  I would like our Clan to be viewed as a place people Want to belong or to be connected with.

There are always things going on 'in the background' that you will probably never be aware of throughout your alliance with us.  So, please, first and utmost, we all have lives outside of our internet world, work to go to, friends (real ones) to visit, loved ones to pay attention to and all the other real life occurencies, emergencies, new babies, sad things that need our undivided attention.  So, I ask that you respect that among our Clan if everyone doesn't come on all the time or misses a meeting, or goes on vacation, etc...  This Guild understands that and is respectfull
of your needs. 

This is just a game. 
If you feel differently,
maybe there is
a more suitable
for your specific needs.
Thats us.  Don't forget if you are considering becoming a "Raven Disciple",  go to the membership application link and answer the questions.  These are "required" to be considered for membership. 
Happy Hunting!


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