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     Hello, and welcome to Fates Legion. This website is currently under construction so please be patient while we get things together, thank you. I will provide you with a simple breakdown of what this guild is about. This guild was created because it seems it has become increasingly hard to find fun guilds with people who enjoy grouping up and just having some fun. Everyone wants to RAID RAID RAID or they have their set click of friends that they only group with. Well the same old group gets boring after a while even with good friends, so hopefully with this guild everyone will have a chance to group with many friends on a  regular basis so you don't end up with the same people every night but your friends are always close and people don't get bored. I would love to be able to do little raids like for epics and stuff like that also.

     There is a requirement though. Everyone must have at least one character above level 60. This is because we would prefer people who are of high enough level to be able to group with each other. Alts are welcome of whatever level. There is no cussin and no fussin in guild chat. If you feel the need to use profane language take it to tells, it will not be tolerated here.  We are looking for reasonably mature people with a good sense of humor who like to chew the fat and enjoy themselves.

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