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Hands of Death
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Welcome to Hands of Death

I am your Guild Master, Keith (aka Zemis) along with my co-founder and partner-n-crime, Kelly (aka Lifesaver).

This guild was created strictly out of selfishness.  We found it hard to find a guild that provided all we were looking for, so came the birth of Hands of Death - a guild that believes in fairness and kindness.

Your membership in Hands of Death comes with a few perks:  You receive 1 gold upon joining the guild - our way of saying thanking you!  You receive 1 gold for tenth level (10, 20, 30, etc).  And you get to know alot of cool people - LOL

There is nothing more satisfying then to see everyone having fun and achieving new levels.  No matter what the level, talent or knowledge of the game; everyone is an asset to this guild.  Never feel ashamed or embarassed to ask questions or ask for help - we have all been there at one time or another.  Knowledge becomes experience and that is what should be passed on to the "younger", "newer" players.

Hands of Death is an extension of family...we are here to create friendships and bond with one another - creating loyalty to each other.  That is why we do things as a group.

This guild provides weekly instance runs for all levels.  (Please refer to "Guild Runs" listed on the side of this page)  These runs are very important; not just for character advancement and to improve armor and weapons, but to provide a continuous inventory for the guild bank.

The guild bank is divided by tabs.  The first tab is for lower level armor, weapons and beginning items such as bags, potions and.or recipes.  The second tab is for higher level armor and weapons.  The guild bank is for everyone to use; whether depositing or withdrawing.  All we ask is not to abuse your priveleges.  Please remember there are other people in the guild - it is not all about you. 

The same philosophy is true when it comes to money.  Money that is deposited into the guild bank will be used to purchase additional tabs.  This is the guild account - not a personal account.  We understand that there may be times when a loan is needed.  If you have a need please ask; however, please keep in mind that a loan MUST be repaid.

BOTTOM LINE:  Treat others the way you want to be treated and have fun!!!
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Ok people lets get them levels up so we can go kick some Horde butt
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