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Moonlight Society
Welcome to the Moonlight Society...
The Moonlight Society is a community of fighters that train is the Ancient and Unique ways that their Captain teach them to master. Each Fighter has a special way of fighting.. be it all strength and brute force or even from casting powerful spells to defeat their opponents.

The Society Consists of 3 Squads. The Red, Blue and Shade Squads. The members of the Society will all fit into one of these Unique Squads. The Red is for Warriors of Strength and Stamina. Blue is for Casters and Shade is for Rogue like fighters or hunters of the wild..

One of the Main Events of the Society is the Dueling Competitions between the 3 Squads to test their progress. The duels are not an act of aggression but mearly more training to better the skills and experience of the combatants so that they can tackle the Tasks the High Lord sets them later on in life.

The High Lord Herself is Meiya Lyanni Swiftsight. A Former head hunter of the Alliance. She is complete power over all the Captain but generally lets them decide the fate of their Squads unless she feels that she needs to get involved. Also the High Lord has her own Squad of Elite Fighters that act has her Personal Guard and voice of Reason.

The Moonlight Society is called upon to fight and or resolve troubles in the World that a normal army or diplomat might not be able to. They are peace keepers in a way.. but the Society has its own rules and laws to obide by.. All are welcome to join and become part of the Family that is the Society but be warned.. Business is Business.
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