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Welcome to the Circle of Prophets a family guild  of everquest

CoP is a guild made of people who enjoy getting the most of the gaming expericance but realize that real life is more important. We believe that while playing we should and can act with honor and integrity. We are more interested in the strength of character of the person rather then their lvl. We believe game play can be taught but goodness and honor are rare qualities that we want our memebers to have.
We are looking for people who will grasp theses priciples and help us grow our guild. with strenght and love


frostfox, Mar 24, 09 1:42 PM.
GUYS THIS is a very old site .. if you are looking for current info about the CIRLCE OF PROPHETS  Please go to  and check us out there thanks 8) is our new HOME


536880333_Inactive, Jul 9, 08 7:20 AM.
some might call that Pride and if you want to Yes use it .. i am very proud of cop from the start to the end we have proved over the last eight years that we are here to stay we might never be big but we will be here.
we are the circle of prophets the oldest still running and active family guild from the old torvonilus server.
we are a family guild that raids. we host them we run them and we take part in them. but we will always be a family guild our roster doesnt' stop at 54 persons, we allow alts in our guild and we help eachother we arent' out to beat the jones's or even worry about them they can get cuaght up in themselves and we will still be down to earth gamers that love eq but also love our real life. which we value and consider way more important then any game could be. we are people that beleive and practice honesty , loyatly , love , compassion, and selflessness. if you dont' have these traits you aren't in cop or wont' be for long. we are tight knit we call eachother write letters and in cases visit eachother
we are family , and in short we love eachother. it sets us apart from people who are just on norrath to play.

IT IS 2008 and i feel it is just the begining of the COP journey help us grow our family and become an intricate part of it.
frostfox gai'shain
servant of the circle of prophets

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