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Amateur Hour is a laid-back, close-knit, family-friendly casual guild that consists of couples, parents, business people, students, geeks, and nerds. We're from all walks of life but we share one thing in common: We enjoy WoW as a game that we play to kick back, relax, and have fun with our friends. Some of us have been playing together for a good while now, others are new. We have a range of all levels in our guild, and many of our level 70's that have been playing since beta and still like to help others see older content.

We also don't have any spec, playstyle, or playtime requirements, that's for uncreative folks. If we have a group with an nontraditional mix of specs or classes, hey, that's fine. We nearly always get the job done, and learn a few new tricks in the process.

With WotLK, we're planning on focusing primarily on PvE and Achievements. While we are run by a council, we are only as good as our members and encourage everyone to get involved in coordinating events, PvP teams, instance runs, and the weekly penguin worship ceremonies. We won't lord over you with unnecessary rules and regulations. Our rules are simple: respect others, keep things in perspective, don't take things too seriously, and above all else: NO DRAMA.

What we offer:

- Admission into not just a guild, but a family of close-knit fellow players who know your name and are willing to help out with Quests, Achievements, Instances, and PvP. We are the "Cheers" of guilds.
- A relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere where Real Life always comes first.
- Lots of laughs and good times.
- We have Vent and a large bankroll. Okay, I lied about the bankroll, the bank failures have affected us all. wink

What we require:

- Maturity
- Teamwork
- Sense of Humor
- Initiative

Simply put, it's not about the number of players we have or the progression we make, but about the teamwork and relationships that we develop as a group.

If you're new to the game, new to the server, coming back to WoW after a hiatus, or just looking to meet new people, you're invited to check us out.
Please contact any of the officers: Jaelia, Caervyn, Reborn, Neurovizier, Guilhed, Tichus, Brynne, or Phestor. We'd love to meet you!

We have S'mores.

Really. wink

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Amateur Hour Has a New Address!

System, May 27, 08 5:16 PM.
Amateur Hour has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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