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Forged In Urugarth
Quick note on urugarth
Jun 10, 08 10:21 AM
Scything a path to the Flame of Uduin
Jun 9, 08 11:52 AM
Low Level Night
May 15, 08 11:19 AM
New Domain
May 13, 08 5:33 AM
Successful Uru Runs
May 11, 08 12:59 AM
Welcome to the home of Forged In Urugarth.

Six there were, that night, upon the bridge. Six of our finest, in the center of that dark and most vile place, Urugarth.

Battle weary, injured and burned, they stood as ashen carvings, ghosts of the people they once were.

Behind them, the battle ground, strewn with the corpses of young drakes, and with them the matriarch of that fell brood, the queen fire drake herself lay dead, her eyes dark as life left her form, slain by the heroes upon the bridge.

Battle had brought these fellows together, a shining lance of light brought into the darkness to battle the evil they found there, and strengthened they had become, closer and stronger still in the burning fires of drake breath, forged anew, in Urugarth.

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Quick note on urugarth

539712685_Inactive, Jun 10, 08 10:21 AM.
    So we failed to find enough/ right classes to continue rift on monday night. So 5 of us decided to have a bit of fun in urugarth our founding place. The brave souls Eothiara Eorlwulf Amorine Anweniel and Sonmychest rose swiftly to the challenge and in a brief stint took out the 2 bosses with the crows, the orc on the stairs and imagine our surprise when we mercilessly hacked the dreaded great dragon  lhungrien smiting his bloody corpse from the cliff face, all with only 5 and no minstrel! Angmar be afraid the fearless army of FIU is coming to open up a can of whoop ass and its gonna get messy.

    Guys we did this with such ease good job by all and real fun. Shows we really do have the quality necessary.

Scything a path to the Flame of Uduin

539712685_Inactive, Jun 9, 08 11:52 AM.
Recent rift activity

As many of you may already know a group of us ventured into the rift this past weekend. Although we were PUG in this raid at some points FIU memberes made up about 50% of the raid. The initial run was fairly successful seeing us drive back the foul minions and defeat both barz and zurm. As time was pressing on and many had to leave the run finished there for the day. Although it was good to see so many FIU members involved and to down the first couple of bosses fairly hard work was made of it and could perhaps of been easier with better management, however this is to be expected with a largely PUG raid.
    After our initial run being mainly a good experience and having agined the locks on bosses 1 and 2 we decided have a FIU run foray back to the dark chasm that is the rift. Although the idea was to make up the group of mostly FIU we made up the shortfall with some stalwart friends and a couple of random invites. My thanks go to those who participated including some representatives from our friends Noble Guardsmen of the Elf Queen and Royal Gondorian Zenith, also my thanks go to Dryath who extended his hand in friendship and hopefully that of Heroes of Eriador, although that remains to be seen.
    So our intrepid lord and master Eorlwulf led us through the fiery depths and onwards to the realm of the Ghasfru. Henceforth we carved a path through the swathes of these putrid creatures with i must admit a little difficulty. It is unfortantely the case often with unknown randoms especially when some had never been before, but for our part we did well. Despite losing a couple of players leaving us with 11, upon reaching Furz we dispatched of him and his vile horde easily with the aid of our good friend Amorine.
    As time was gettin on we decided to hurridly press on deeper into the peril that lay bare before us and we surged forth towards the flaming depths ahead. Shielded by our saviuor the stalwart Nemmiril we cut a path through the conflagration and vanquished all that came before us. At this point we were down to 10 and the wretched corpses of thine anemies lay strewn  stricken and lifeless on the floor. It would have been foolhardy even for 10 brave warriors to take on the next boss........ thats right we are foolhardy! We threw down our challenge to the cantacerous orc and battled hard to defeat him. Alas we fell to our deep wounds and at such late an hour decided to go away and fight on another day.
    Again i must extend my thanks to all those who participated and would like to advance our recent successes by organising more frequent visits, please i urge you all to respond to the forum posted on rift to make this possible.

Low Level Night

539705501_Inactive, May 15, 08 11:19 AM.
The low level night had its first beneficiary, one of our recent members, Moriandir, one of our new Lore Masters need help to complete fellowship quests in the Lone Lands.  Meeting in Bree, Moriandir, now accompanied by Ickecal and Eorlo, with JohnLennon as the ace in the pack took on three key quests.  Firstly the intrepid three took down the feared Goblin Leader. 

A difficult quest, but our intrepid team successfully negotiated the goblin camp relying on Johnlennons heals and the 2 burglars combos.  The Goblin Leader was soon toast.

A quick jump into the ravine and many a battle between the giant spiders and the group quickly collect the 12 required eyes which were quickly and squelchy stuffed in backpacks

However as the team went to recover the statue the odds were stacked against them.  Eorlo grabbed the statue but being a halfling the statue was bigger than him and so he was unable to contribute to the fight.  Despite Johnlennons best heals the party was soon overwhelmed by goblins and the statue was not delivered to the ranger awaiting behind the walls.....we will be back!

New Domain

Cytheria, May 13, 08 5:33 AM.
For those of you who have yet to notice in game yet, we actually have a new domain name for the Kin website,

This address was originally purchased by a client of mine who wanted a guild site built for his guild in a different game, but since they paid for the registration and have yet to pay for hosting or development of the site to go with it, i've yoinked the  domain for now in the interests of making it even easier for members to access the site, or to link friends to etc etc.

Once ive got some cash i'll look into subscribing the site properly with guild portal for a more fitting name and some extra features and no adverts, but in the mean time this should make life a little easier.

Successful Uru Runs

539705501_Inactive, May 11, 08 12:59 AM.
Two teams of intrepid adventurers have recently returned from Urugarth helping Eorladan get his final Class Items, the Scale of Lhugiren and the Sigil of War from Gruglok.  Both were accomplished with success in two massive runs across the whole of Urugarth,  Many an Orc leader fell in thier path with Boramoth taking the prized Warg Keepers Token.

There is revenge to be had though as the Uruk leader only know as "The BIrd Man" and clearly sponsored by Pampers wiped the team at the last hurdle.  Fortunately it is believed that Lavender has escaped with key to the back tunnel but this is as yet unconfirmed.

Revenge on the Bird Man beckons.
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