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Conquest! *Important*
Sep 7, 08 7:12 PM
Jun 23, 08 1:08 PM
Jun 4, 08 7:26 AM
City Plot Reserved
Jun 2, 08 10:53 PM
House Charters Uploaded
Jun 1, 08 10:41 AM


For generations the Kingdom was but a dream. My people roamed the lands attempting to survive amongst the power hungry nations of Hyboria.  we where hopeless and abandoned.

    After decades of marching my army across the lands of Hyboria like my father
before me, we came across a land of impressive beauty, a place to call home, a Kingdom from where we could project our power.

    We called it…
-King Vartonis

No alternate text supplied.          

The Order of Abylon is a guild for the MMO Age of Conan, and based in the Derketo server.. Feel free to learn more about us by using the info section and drop by the forums to get to know us. Have fun.


Conquest! *Important*

Vartonis, Sep 7, 08 7:12 PM.
    We have managed to take over a new full tier 2 city. This new city is in the same spot as ours in Poitain and since it belonges to another guild we currently control we are in the process of renaming that guild to Order of Abylon and moving everyone to that guild. 

    It is important that when you log in you delete your guild chat tab and contact an officer so that we can have you moved to the new guild. We will be keeping the Old city and guild but renaming them.

For more information contact an officer.


539719500_Inactive, Jun 23, 08 1:08 PM.
It has come to my attention that some members are having problems connecting to our server. Some of you contacted me personally and i looked into it but found nothing out of place, however, that does not mean that im just gonna leave things as they are. That is why im posting this anouncement. If any of you are having problems with our password, server info, or just plain connection problems, send me (Kampo) an email with a user name and password of your choice, and ill make sure to add you with the info of your choice. ill work on adding you as soon as i read your messege.


539719500_Inactive, Jun 4, 08 7:26 AM.
Ok guys heres the deal. We are gonna make the Ventrilo service a member exclusive tool. From now on access will only be granted to recruits who have been accepted into our ranks. This is in part due to the amount of recruits who have not been posting applications or characters on the roster. Abylon needs those 2 things in order to show its growth to the world and help us grow further without becoming a mess of a guild like so many. With a simple action like filling out the app you  show our recruiters that you are motivated to be part of our kingdom and not just waiting for another thing to come by. You will also become eligible for rank promotions once you become an official member, so go and fill those apps!

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