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Etyrnal Knights of Honor
May 20, 08 8:15 AM
Blixtex explains capp change to exotic mods
May 12, 08 2:22 PM
Rogue ISD recaptured by HNR
May 11, 08 10:40 AM
IG88 Falls!!!
May 9, 08 9:23 PM
May 8, 08 2:30 PM
The Greatest Saga ever told....Ours!

Founded on the greatest of principles, the Etyrnal Knights of Honor have found safehaven on the lush planet of Dantooine.  So much forgotten history holds footing on this planet it is only poetic that this enduring cell of the Rebellion seeks to undo the power hold the Empire has created on a world that is no stranger to peace and war.

HNR and it's supply staff EKOH are committed to holding the highest standards.  This Rebellion Cell strives to create an elite rebel fighting force to deal justice to the empire and the criminal element that has become just as dangerous. 

Do you have what it takes?
Do you have the instinct to survive and thrive?
Do you have the committment to create bonds with your brethren and endurance to become the best you can be?

If so - Welcome home to the Etyrnal Knights of Honor.

539709170_Inactive, May 20, 08 8:15 AM.
Ok I keep trying to get the picturesto show correctly  but not sure why they won't.  If you click on the picture box from the main page it will takeyou to the URL,  but if you go into the gallery to get nada.

Any ideas?

All i did was copy and paste the Image dump link right in.  Maybe we ought to use someone else?

Blixtex explains capp change to exotic mods

539709170_Inactive, May 12, 08 2:22 PM.

This is pretty identical to how armor diminishing returns works.  Armor is a straight translation to a % value UNTIL you hit the flex point, somewhere around 60%.  After that value you get less % protection per point of armor.  I'm pretty sure MasterCosmo graphed it out at some point.  12000 armor does not equal 120% protection since we start the diminish effect at 60%.

For the most part no one can go above 20% with attachments and power ups with dodge, parry, block chance, dodge, evasion chance and strike through chance.  We however put all of those stats on the diminishing returns forumla as a safeguard against future stacking issues.

Just like armor if you breach the flex point, you get less amount of that stat per point (this is when it makes sense to balance your attachments rather than gearing for just 1 stat or "stacking"SMILEY;).  So if you find a way to get to 25% block THROUGH attachments and pups it would fall to 21% after it diminishes.  Any value a buff adds/expertise adds would be added on AFTER the diminish.  So a medic buff for 10% block would add ontop of the 21% and be a 31% block chance.

Jedi get most of their parry % from Saber Block expertises which add % parry and it adds after the diminish, so their numbers will change very little. 

Rogue ISD recaptured by HNR

539709170_Inactive, May 11, 08 10:40 AM.
With the aide of an Imperial Jedi Spy and fellow Bounty Hunter, Alien,  HNR takes back control of a Star Destroyer on its way to be sold to the BlackSun.

Anther incredible victory for The rebellion!!!!!

Well done Team

IG88 Falls!!!

539709170_Inactive, May 9, 08 9:23 PM.
6 members of the HNR rebellion cell prevailed in untold victory against the infamous bounty hunter IG88. 
Harry-wan, karitias- Xirtam, Perai, Nassaan and Gre'ah stood against the odds and wiped the dread droids from the face of LOK. 
However,  he has returned, and it isup to HNR to deal the pwnage


539709170_Inactive, May 8, 08 2:30 PM.
The bank is a great place to advertise any items that you may have laying around that you want to donate to the guild or members in the guild.  Tell us what you have and let's get crankin'.
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